And Then I Hit My Dougie!

Recently I’ve been pulling a Christopher Columbus. And by that I don’t mean imitating a drunken thieving pirate whose only claim-to-fame is spreading smallpox and discovering already inhabited lands.

I mean, I’ve been exploring some talents that I knew were hidden below the surface. Spending more time in the booth and pushing the limits of my writing. I’ve also been using the word “multifaceted” a lot. I am a multifaceted diamond, and I want every talent, every hobby, every endeavor to gleam in the light of the sun. I want to be so honed that they see my diamond from space! SPACE DIAMOND! (me gusta)

I’m letting foolishness fall by the wayside to be picked up by the buzzards that want it. “Bet I’ll get it while I’m here boy, since January [snitch] it’s been my year boy!” (line from the mix-tape) Under the word indefatigable in the dictionary, I want there to be a picture of my face… and a little thumbnail video of me doing my Dougie!

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