Common Came to OUR School!

He was so fresh and so wise and so personable. His sweater fit his biceps so right. His voice was so soulful and smokey. He carried himself with the pent-up wisdom of Maya Angelou. He spoke of passions, of perseverance; adversity and success. He stirred us to move and urged us to pray. Intermittantly he dropped a freestyle or two and we snapped and swayed and bobbed our heads like a charmed cobra in a trance. He was… unforgettable. *SIGH*

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When Roze first went in 2012,  it was kind of like a journal ... that other people could read. Embarassing. But I'm realizing that my voice, my experiences, my representation and narrative are valuable. There's room enough for me too. My talents and interests. My time is now. Roze

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