DO YOU (Uncle Sam Finger) have the $W#@?

This made me super-laugh! (That’s a laugh endowed with otherworldly power from parents on Krypton) For all those that mightily ride their bedazzled cheetah-printed surfboards in their freshest Hot-Topic gear atop the glitter waves of swag, I am talking to you! You’re not original, you’re not interesting, you’re not worth getting to know.

Symptoms of the Swag Flu:
1. tight (sometimes colored) jeans
2. brightly colored graphic tees
3. vans, jays, exclusive Nikes
4. back-pocket bandanas or tails
5. fitted caps
6. vests (of any fabric)
7. photo-shopped Facebook pics
8. ungodly #of jackets (on/off your body)
9. possession of 1 or more Lil B mixtapes
10. plethora of piercings
11. tattoos only where ppl can see
This pandemic has to be vaccinated! These people need to be rehabilitated and Tumblr only causes relapses and outbreaks. Or otherwise everyone with it has to die like the Bubonic plague. Wow… that’d be 1/3 of the earth’s population. Imagine the economic upturn afterward! I approve!!
Shoutout to @KiidTalkShiit

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