So Lately…

So lately my subconscious has been a mess. I can’t think straight and I’m convinced my dreams are coming to get me. I write them down in the mornings now. Pour over them like lecture notes sifting for pieces of congruity, hoping for a little insight. Close but no cigar. Some say dreams are your sleeping mind’s attempts to sort through your waking mind’s problems. My dreams are so vivid, so outlandish, so full of sensory overload that I sometimes I wake up short of breath or overcome with emotion. Even when I close my eyes there’s no solace, no peace. Some of the recurring themes are as plain as day and some others are an abstract blur like a Jackson pollack waiting for me behind my retinas. No “Oceans Eleven” crew, no “Inception” team could make it out of my mind. What am I suppose to do? Where am I supposed to go if I cant even retreat within myself ?

3 thoughts on “So Lately…

  1. I can sympathise with you here, I have been having a lot of crazy vivid dreams recently too, which I put down to stress. Hopefully our sub conscious’ will chill out a bit soon and let us relax properly


    1. *shakes fists at the sky* I thought it was just me. By the way I JUST started this account, can you tell me how I’m doing? I’m still moving my posts from another blog.


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