This Week in Review…


… went down pretty uneventfully. EXCEPT FOR THE SUPER AWESOME WALE CONCERT! Wale came to visit our little corner of  the world for one night only. To avoid being ALL THE WAY on his jock, I’ll pretend I didn’t spend the day memorizing his lyrics. Black Cobain came on before him and let’s just say I WILL be adding him to my iTunes library. He was enthusiastic, stylish, and interactive. Some random guy in the audience tried to fight him [STUPID], and the biggest bodyguard mine eyes have ever seen, picked him up and THREW him at the floor like an NFL player on a Pop Warner toddler. Awesome! What a way to kick off a week!


… went off without a hitch. Rolled my eyes through last-minute reviews and pleas for extra credit points. The last day before finals is when the bargaining starts. “Well I can still get an A in the class if I can just make 107, right?”… WTF!

And now begins the 5 Stages of Academic Grief 

Denial – “There’s no way I scored this low on the first two tests!”

Anger – “Stupid [#$&%*] MUST NOT have calculated my grades right! Don’t I get anything for not falling asleep!?”

Bargaining – ” Wow… *shakes head* I #$*&^’d up, damn! Dear biology gods, if you see it fit to give me a B, I promise to read thy word from dedication to index!”

Depression – “OMG I’m gonna have to retake this! Dear GOD I’m Van Wilder!”

Acceptance –  “Maybe there’s something I’m supposed to learn from this. Perhaps the evils of procrastination, or the value of flashcards?…  hmm… NAHH!!!”


… wasted away the first half. SHOULD have been studying for Bio. Well. The second half went much more studiously. Highlighters all over the floor and flashcards by the legion. I busted out the required textbook [about the size of the average family Bible], and got to work synthesizing and connecting concepts. I called it quits at around 3Am. [In college, the next day doesn’t start until you’ve fallen asleep.]


… I woke up at 8:30. Class starts at 9:30. I’ve never woken up with an expletive like that before. I made it MIRACULOUSLY to class only 8 minutes late.  Taking the test, I felt pretty confident and familiar with the material. I checked a few answers as soon as I left and found those “crap! I KNEW that!” questions I got wrong. Thankfully, my professor wastes no time in grading so I knew my score and final class grade by 4PM. I GOT A B!!! Can the church say Amen! Took a nap and put in some time for GoodKnocking putting together gift bags.


… two concerts in one week! NO, say it ain’t so! I relaxed for the first half of the day and then got ready for the concert and after-shindig. As usual, local performers and other artists before the known artist that come before the headliner. Cyhi The Prince came on just before Big Sean [the main act] and delivered a great, crowd pleasing performance.  Finally BIG SEAN!! we got up to the front and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. He delivered! a good mix of story-telling and performance. He jumped into the crowd afterward and threw a bunch of autographed stuff into the crowd. Hi fans on the other had, not so bueno. I got so many elbows to the back of my head I’m not sure how I remember any of this. It smelled like weed and vomit. There was a young man so close to me at one point that i was sure he was my date. [ i went with a home-girl] All in all, pretty enjoyable until my shins cramped up! The after-event was too packed. No me gusta. I hid upstairs away from the masses in the reggae room (my comfort zone) by the bar and chilled out. I didn’t need to see him perform a second time and enjoyed myself pretty well. [FYI I wore my new baby!:D]


Today was pretty low-cal. Didn’t do much except submit another application and this. I’m gonna study tomorrow for my last final on Monday and chillax the weekend away. Oh wait, I work tomorrow. Fart!

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