I know I’m a little… well quite tardy. (If this were class, I would have lost ALL attendance points) I had every intention of posting this on New Year’s Eve but I realized I needed to give it some thought. So now, after a long day of avoiding my responsibilities and shifting between my social networks, I’ve decided to gather my thoughts here. Christmas Break is over and I need to get back into the routine of posting quality updates…. so here goes.


Things 2011 Taught Me

1. HECK professors!

(Not really… unless it gets you a better grade and not kicked out.) Read the textbook and teach yourself. They’re there to review the material that you were SUPPOSED to learn on your own and assist your understanding.

2. STOP comparing yourself to others. Your path is your own. You’ve purposely surrounded yourself with successful and ambitious people for a reason. Help them celebrate their accomplishments, DO NOT envy  them.

3. Remember the plan (whatever your personal life plan is…) and stick to it. Obstacles may come and go but they are intended to test your metal. Who knows? They’re might be a giant Dairy Queen at the end waiting for you…. mmmm Dilly Bars! 😀

4. Stay true to yourself. Listen to your conscience. What good is all this effort, if at the end you’re not YOU to enjoy it?

5. If you want something done right you MUST do it yourself!

6. Loving someone DOES NOT equal being IN LOVE with that someone! Despite what the song says you CAN’T make love out of nothing at all.

7. Invest in yourself. Besides God (and maybe your Mom/spouse), no one can love you better than you can!

8. The Financial Aid Department at any school SUCKS ASS!!!! Yes they are after you, and no this doesn’t happen to everyone. They have a personal vendetta against you!

9. Stop saving your good clothes for “special occasions”. Wear them now. Rock a tuxedo to class. Sport a ball gown at the library. That way, if you get hit by a bus or choke on a toothpick, you will be the hottest thing your EMT has ever seen! Maybe they’ll show up at your bedside with flowers… can you say Grey’s Anatomy ROMANCE!!! There’s nothing like a near-death experience to put things into perspective. (Just ask Keanu Reeves’ and Sandra Bullocks’ characters in Speed)

10. Don’t assume loyalty from anyone. People are fickle little creatures.

11. First impressions are for more than handshakes and job interviews. Work hard on your dreams, assignments, and goals THE FIRST TIME; it’ll save you a lot of time and heartache.

12. School is not the end all be all. There are many paths to a dream; just like the many ways there are to skin a cat. (SN: Why would anyone want to skin a cat? When was cat fur stylish on the runways of Milan? Why is that a phrase?)

13. Don’t chase anyone! There are more than enough hours in a day, you make time for what you want. If you’re watching them tweet and wondering why they wont call, know that they have made their decision. Play Jay-Z’s “On to the Next”, do the robot in front of your mirror, and move along.

14. Strive to be as self-sufficient as possible; the confidence and pride you gain will be immeasurable.

Last but most certainly not least…

15. Dont worry about who doesn’t like you. Dont desire to be the person that everyone likes.  A) It’s way too much work to maintain the illusion  B) You’ll NEVER achieve it.

*Scroll through the list* SHEESH!!! I learned more outside the class room than in.

PS: 16. For those collegiate kiddies like myself, stop worrying about being broke. YOU WON’T have money in this stage of life. You can’t get a good job because you don’t have a degree yet. Stop killing yourself trying to save. Live within your means and enjoy your Ramen Noodle days, they wont last forever.

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