The Little Engine That Couldn’t…

What if the story had gone differently? What if it were “The Little Engine That Didn’t Give a $#!%”, or “The Little Engine That Didn’t Believe in Going Above and Beyond”? Would we still read it to our youngsters? Would it still be the motivational tale of a caboose that was last but most certainly not least? Heck no! That, ladies and gentlefingers is why I’ll never be a kids story. The Moderately Sized Roze That Quit. I’m like a reluctant caterpillar. I know what the next step is but I’m too tied up in predictable mediocrity. I won’t push the rest  of the train on over the hill, because hills are high… and scary. I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to become the beautiful butterfly because cocoons are dark… and scary. “CAN’T … STOP… EATING… LEAVES!” Every day is the day I’m going to change… WTF!

Procrastination will be the death of me… but then I’ll be late to my funeral.

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