Things I’ve Been Pondering…

As always I have a lot on the brain. This, unfortunately, is no different from any of the other trillions of seconds of my life since it started. However, I haven’t posted in a while and have a lot to get off my chest. I’m going to gently detain two birds with one humane trap. I’ll let you in on the thoughts bouncing around in my head like pinball – or more accurately skee-ball (and not even making the biggest circle: you know the one that yields the fewest points) played by an octopus with ADD. (Disclaimer: ADD and ADHD are serious illne- look, a SQUIRREL!!!!)

Here goes…

1. In typical young-people style, I have a tendency to think that this, right here, *points at current spot* is the end; somehow my judgement gets clouded by Tumblr and high-waisted skirts and I think that this stage in my life will last forever. (Not entirely my fault though, sometimes it goes by SUPER slow). I’m realizing it isn’t. I have to be wary of my decision-making now in order to not jeopardize my later AND remember that there’s better to come.


This song is bouncing around in there…

3. I am STOCKING UP on high-waisted shorts!!! So far the count is at three: a light-wash denim, a darker washed denim, and an ashy black pair (shh don’t tell the others that i might like the black ones the most! “I don’t love you them MORE, I just love them DIFFERENT, see?”)

4. It’s when you want to do you, that interested persons come out of the wood works. “I’m working on Roze right now, and she’s really selfish sooo… ” I’m enjoying my me-time, or maybe I’m just to busy to notice I’m alone. (sadface)

And this one…

5. I’m not painfully impoverished anymore! (super yay)

6. Trayvon Martin… *sigh* I won’t get into it.

7. Also liking this song a lot…

8. I’ve been thinking a lot about love and my relationships in the future. What will they look like? Who will I share my life with? Interracial babies perhaps?

9. School may very well be the death of me. learning that what doesn’t kill you…. may just make you  kill yourself. (Not me though, I like food too much!) Oh well, someone recently told me that it doesn’t matter how long my education takes, as long as i finish and better myself. I have so many dreams and I feel like I don’t have enough life to live out all my potential. I need two personal assistants and a clone.

10. I thrift like it’s going out of style! (wait…*counts on fingers*) I’ll make a vid on my most recent stuff.

11. Shirt-cutting season is upon us and I will be snipping up some masterpieces sooner than later. be on the lookout!

I likes me some Wale…

12. I’ve been working on my style a lot. And by that I don’t just mean manner of dress. my speech, my personal presentation, making sure that my outsides reflect my insides. I wanna be a masterpiece. However, on the clothing front, I PROMISE to stop being a punk and wear the awesome stuff I buy instead of just dreaming about chances to debut them.

13. NEED another job! like yesterday!!!

I don’t know what else. Lot happening to me right now. I’m trying to keep my options open and prepare myself for all opportunities. i want this life full force!! (YOLO or some BS like that)

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