What Has Roze Been Up To…?

… apparently ending sentences in prepositions…

WELCOME BACK!!!! I HAVE RISEN like Ahmenotep!!!I’ve missed you guys! How have you been? {inappropriately DEEP hug}

For the last few weeks I have been deep in thought … well deep in Adventure Time and Law & Order, which is basically the same thing. I done went home, rested up, came back, and started summer classes (haha Kirko Bangz sentence structure) on the 14th of May; missing my mom’s birthday and Mother’s Day (frown). Here’s what I’ve been doing… 

1. Expository Writing…. is a %#@*&%! I haven’t gotten an A on a single assignment! This lady is the reincarnation of (insert evil dead person’s name here). I pride myself on being a pretty decent  excellent writer, and this woman has me feeling like LITERALLY chopped liver. There’s more red on the assignments  she hands back than the face of the homeless man attacked in Miami! (awww… too soon?) I low-key appreciate her. After this class, I’ll be more critical of my writing and better able to develop my points. SHHH, don’t tell her I said that. 


Roze: “What do you call someone from Miami? A Miamian, Miam-ite?”

Friend: ” A zombie!!!”

2. Looking for a job IS a job, only no one pays you and you can’t put it on your resume. Mine, by the way, needs some DEEP revision. It doesn’t suck per se, it just doesn’t have much on it. I’m in search of accomplishments! I need opportunities! I have so many ideas and not enough platforms. HELP!

3.  Got a new roommate! Her mom was nice… a lil much, though. She seems sweet although we’re going to have to have the “toilet paper and garbage schedule” talk. We’ll see how this turns out.

4. Wondering what to do with the rest of my summer… I want to look into some writing, styling, designing, and networking opportunities and start making steps toward my future. All the things I want to do, hobbies and passions are cool, but I need a secure fall-back. That’s what this whole college thing was SUPPOSED to be about, right?

FYI: Roze has an Instagram now! Add me, I’m Roze_Goes (corrected retroactively 1/12/18)!  Also spending more time on Tumblr, add me there too if you like … RozeGoes

Networking, writing, and summer-time fun. I really missed you guys!

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