Miscellaneous Check-In

These last few days have been full of quirk and flashbacks, old habits and even older favorite songs.


…. popped up randomly on Pandora.


… a friend typed the lyrics on Twitter and it’s been in my head all day.


… if I could have been old enough in the 90s, me and my Timberland-wearing boyfriend would have held hands listening to this on our Walkman radios!

4. Last, but most certainly not least,

Words cannot explain how much bogle-ing I was doing to this song today! [in my head OF COURSE!] “What’s the BOGLE you ask!” … [you probably didn’t ask…] Like to see it? Here it goes!

The professor with a heart of ice is starting to warm to my charms [… and by charms I mean up-sucking]. Less than two weeks left in summer school for me. Job hunt in progress. Thinking about this LONG, VAST, EXPANSIVE ,NEVER-ENDING time between now and the fall. {shrug}

ENC 3301, Old school jams, and the BOGLE

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