Miscellaneous Check-In

These last few days have been full of quirk and flashbacks, old habits and even older favorite songs.


…. popped up randomly on Pandora.


… a friend typed the lyrics on Twitter and it’s been in my head all day.


… if I could have been old enough in the 90s, me and my Timberland-wearing boyfriend would have held hands listening to this on our Walkman radios!

4. Last, but most certainly not least,

Words cannot explain how much bogle-ing I was doing to this song today! [in my head OF COURSE!] “What’s the BOGLE you ask!” … [you probably didn’t ask…] Like to see it? Here it goes!

The professor with a heart of ice is starting to warm to my charms [… and by charms I mean up-sucking]. Less than two weeks left in summer school for me. Job hunt in progress. Thinking about this LONG, VAST, EXPANSIVE ,NEVER-ENDING time between now and the fall. {shrug}

ENC 3301, Old school jams, and the BOGLE

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When Roze first went in 2012,  it was kind of like a journal ... that other people could read. Embarassing. But I'm realizing that my voice, my experiences, my representation and narrative are valuable. There's room enough for me too. My talents and interests. My time is now. Roze

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