Good Morning!

What sunrise would look like if you lived on Pride Rock… I guess.

I do some of my foggiest thinking this time of day. Still trying to shake off the remnants of sleep lurking in my periphery. Fiercely clinging to the whimsy of dreams I only half remember. Today I am catapulted into positivity by an otherwise unrecognizable well-rested and well-read Roze. John Legend can say it better than I.

On the flip-side, so can Phil Wade. (hopefully this will help you shake the sleepies) Start at 2:20!

This morning I read Job chapter 35 and a few pages from a book called “How to Be Happy Dammit: A Cynic’s Guide to Spiritual Happiness“.  Go check it out, it’s full of all kinds of sarcastic motivation; complete with anecdotes and examples. If Oprah says it’s legit then your opinion is not needed.

Also, I’m wondering when my alarm clock decided to turn over a new leaf? It’s not the same loud annoying ratchet alarm clock it used to be. It used to feel like a hammer against my skill when I was a freshman, now it’s a soft polite knock at the foot of my bed. Maybe I’m growing up. Maybe I want to get up and start my day; conquer a few worlds, enslave foreign lands and pillage them for their natural resources. (No, wait that was Avatar)

I have an idea for new alarm clocks. When the preset time arrives, your alarm clock should blare a motivational playlist you created while shouting inspirational messages. [plays “Good Morning” by John Legend while screaming “YOU LOOK REALLY TALL TODAY!!!”]

Welp, anywho, these are just ideas. Here’s some of my morning playlist (DONT JUDGE ME!):

alarm clocks and eye boogers,


Oh and this man with the sexy accent makes some good points (while eerily looking like Harry Potter)

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