Welcome Back Kotter!

I’M BACK!!!!! So here’s a quick update…

1. I’ve missed you guise!! So busy with school which started a day late to “hurricane” Isaac. Down here we take hurricanes, and subsequently hurricane days, very seriously!

We missed a whole day of school and since then, the academic year is has been going by Usain Bolt fast! I’m taking more classes this semester than ever before in a last-ditch attempt to graduate on time. “On Time”being a terrible misrepresentation of my graduation date expectations. When people ask my expected graduation date, as they inevitably do, I tell them “It’s rude to ask a lady that sort of question!” and promptly storm off. [“I said Good Day, sir!”] The first week of classes is filled with welcome back activities and my least favorite – icebreakers. I DESPISE icebreakers, whether they be at work, school, or narcotic dependence groups. Nowhere else in life are you forced to stand before a crowd and proclaim useless facts about yourself in front of individuals actively searching for F%@&!s to give! [*checks pockets* Sorry]

What else… hmm…

I HATE hair! I know you’re probably thinking ‘I know, because you don’t have any’, and you’d be right! All of my roommates have long, flowing #*^&%@$! locks and I want  to shave em all in their sleep, every one of em! It gets everywhere. It impregnates the fabric of my realty; on the ground, in the shower, clinging to my socks! It weaves its way into the carpet and burrows into the thread of my clothing. There is nowhere I can go to escape!. It’s like hair is Agent Smith and he’s found his way into Zion [aw no more underground techno party]. I don’t know what to do, maybe I’ll sneak Nair into their shampoo bottles…

I’m coming to realize that twenty-four hours is all I’m getting per day, so I need to just attempt to do everything I can. No, I haven’t learned the evils if procrastination, I’m just going to go Ape-$#!T until I learn time-management skills. Oh, good news, the brokeness is over. I promise I’ll do better about posting.

In parting I leave you with this.

Back-to-school and depilatories,


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