Are You Vision Bored?

I’m itchy. Feeling stagnant. The jobless dry spell has taught me so much about being mindful and monitoring my emotions so that I can assess them and take action before they really take hold. So rather than allowing myself to fall into a funk and walking around with a permanent stank-face, I’ve chosen to share…

Lately I’ve been…

  1. Questioning my goals, and feeling somewhat foggy about what things I want to achieve. Sometimes the world can be TOO MUCH your oyster and you develop a shellfish allergy. I keep hoping my purpose will just *pop* come to me in a dream, no such luck.
  2. Feeling unmotivated. Working in education, in particular at undeserved schools with challenging students, it’s hard to feel impactful. Public school being what it is, it can really be difficult to feel like you’re making ant sort of difference and most days I leave with a headache and what I can only assume is the makings of an ulcer.
  3. Comparing myself to others. I feel out-of-place. On the one hand I’m so proud of my peers that are finally reaching successes in their respective fields, but I can’t help but feel like I’m coming up short-sheeted and empty-handed. {epic frowny face}
  4. Feeling like I’m the only twenty-something going through this. [lol, dumb] As if no one has ever experienced this particular brand of frenzied, helpless, impotence. (If Oprah made it, I can make it.)  It helps to watch movies, shows, and webisodes that depict other struggling twenty-somethings in a humorous light; full of anxiety, potential, and quirk. Like these! Check out this early episode of Broad City when they were just teeny tiny little webisodes. Now they’re all rich and fancy like I will be!
  5. Feeling resentment, anger bitterness. Toward others occasionally, but mostly toward myself. {sigh, I’m sorry Roze}
  6. Linking all the things that I want, and want to experience, to money. All the fun things cost money. I have to remember that I’m broke, not broken. Gotta find joy in the free and intangible things. In order to have what you want, you must first want what you have… (easier said that done).

But, I have taken some action steps…

  1. In the spirit of never loving yourself TOO much, I’ve developed a mantra. If you like it, use it. In the shower, and whenever I feel myself becoming a Negative Nancy, I say something that follows the following pattern ” I am _______, I have _______, and I am capable of ________.” It can be as long as you want, as long as it flows and is easy to remember/repeat. Hope it helps!
  2. I purchased a yoga mat and a resistance band. If I can’t get to the gym, I can bring it to me. Most importantly, I can stop complaining about my tummy and make use of my ill-used down time.  Complaining about something, and making no effort to change it, is like pouring poison into your own well.
  3. I’ve been using my sleeplessness to my advantage. Rather than laying about tossing and turning, I force myself up and do at least a little work on a cover letter or research a master’s program. The little perk you get, from even a minute accomplishment, helps to settle your mind and makes the Sandman easier to gag and bind catch. I mean you’re gonna be tired the next day anyway, you might as well be tired and nearer to your goals.
  4. I made a vision board! It serves as a visual representation of the goals I want to achieve, or least get stated on, this year. You can make one too! Here’s how You can skip the ritual parts if you’re not into that.
    vision board 2
    Select images and words that capture your goals and will motivate you to achieve them.
    vision board 3
    Position them how you want.
    vision board 4
    You may find that they are more visually cohesive or meaningful in another order.
    vision board 5
    Add any phrases or decorations you may want. Hang somewhere you will see OFTEN! I put mine on the back of my door. Any time I leave the house I will either be shamed or empowered, either way motivated.

    As usual, go visit my “Adulting” board on Pinterest. I’m constantly updating it with tips and tricks. Also, check out this DJ Private Ryan Mix ! Music helps the adulthood go down smoother!Roze Goes

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