Tally Taught Me

Looking over the house delegations in the gallery, watching representatives from all over the state, something occurred to me…

Seeing everyday people, community members, and first-time advocates use their voices and lived experiences to address OUR public servants taught me…

Observing predominantly conservative, old, white men in positions of power; long-held and feircly-defended seats that govern diverse commuities disheartened me…

Watching the important people; legislators and influencers of community-building (and often destroying) policy get just a little bit TOO lit reminded me…

Running into alumni, impassioned young aids, and burgeoning politicians somehow both jaded and brimming with idealism showed me…

… that how it is kinda sucks, but can be changed.

… that the established paths to progress, although fraught with beauraucratic potholes, are not the only ones by which we can travel.

… that we need to arm ourselves more deliberately with knowledge concerning healthcare, public policy, education, and our power as constituents.

Now more than ever we need fresh eyes, strong hands, bigger hearts, and more feet on the ground. Less heads buried in the sand.

They have red tape. We are scissors.

Roze Goes,

… to Tallahassee, and comes back changed. I’m woke as a MF!

Roze Goes Footer

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