Self-Care Sunday: SMonday

I woke up this morning with the sincerest intentions of changing my entire life.

That didn’t happen.

What I did do was decide to start small. I put on some leggings, tied up my Pumas, and headed for the door to walk the beautiful park near my apartment.

That also didn’t happen. I got hungry.

After scrambling an egg, realizing joyously that the orange juice was indeed still good, and watching an unhealthy amount of U.K. crime shows, I really really actually for real   got going.

Girding my loins (ew) as the relentless Inigo Montoya, and the Once and Future King of the North, Ned Stark taught me, I prepared to go to battle with the dreaded SMonday.

SMonday is the inevitable hope-crushing, weekend-ending, heart-hurting ogre of a monster that steals the twinkle from your weekend’s eye. It forces you to have three too many mimosas at brunch, and binge on Netflix in the hopes of multiplying your weekend as is discreetly saps itaway.

The SMonday monster ties you to the couch and blinds your eyes to the laundry they needs doing. Before you realize, it’s 11:30 pm and Monday has already arrived!

Who you gonna call? Ro-Zee-na!    

Nope, dont ever say that.

I fight the dreaded SMonday by getting just a little productive. Not enough to feel like work, but enough to make the remaining weekend taste just a little sweeter. With proper pre-planning you can spread out your errands, chores, and Sunday Funday activities evenly. You may even go to bed before Monday comes creeping through the night pressed against your windows like thick fog.

My SMonday battle list is as follows:

1. Journaling/To-do listing as early as possible in the day. Whether I wake up at 7 or 11, one of the first things I do is jot down my feels and track what I need to do to BE and FEEL successful. This helps me get off to a great start for the week.

2. Meal-prep is the  🔑🗝 to success. They don’t want you save money. They don’t want you eat healthy. #blessup

Breakfast jars!

3. Cleaning up MySpace  my space . Your space. You can’t think if you can’t even see the carpet. Wipe down your  surfaces. Spray some smell-good or light a candle.  For me I NEED to make my bed.

4. Finally, deeply invest in your weekend. Get the most if it, so the Monday morning vaccine wont hurt so much. For me it’s watching the first episode of Insecure season 2!

#wtfLawrence #bonnect #choregraphy

Take care of yourselves! A weekend well spent brings a week of content! Or new content, who knows!

Roze Goes… into the work week with a sweet new SMonday fur coat!

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