Music Monday Vol. 2

I stopped checking for most mainstream music in ’08. I don’t want most of that in my spirit or ears. I probably won’t listen to your mix-tape. But on occasion, just ONCE IN A WHILE, I might just take a suggestion. I may stumble across a few gems. It’s gotta be different, though.

This Monday’s playlist takes its inspiration largely from the soundtrack of one of my favorite shows; Issa Rae’s Insecure.


Again, they’re broken into three categories: Dance, Bump, and Chill.

Dance. (dance, bih!)

“Deep” – Lizzo




“Body” – Kes



“Feteland” – Kerwin Du Bois



“Want More” – Rotimi Ft. Kranium


Bump. (for the car… duh)

“Real Bitch Problems” – TT the Artist

“Go For It” – Issa Rae (NSFW)

“Pretty Girls” – Kid Cidi Ft. Too Short (you can speed past Too Short’s verse)

Chill. (dassit)

“Insecure” – Jasmine Sullivan Ft. Bryson Tiller

“Needy Bees” – Hick Hakim

“I Don’t Know” – Nick Hakim

Take the time. Take note of your thoughts and feelings when sound waves hit your ear drums. Be cognizant of what you consume. Orally and aurally. Peace.

I love you.

Roze Goes


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