Music Monday Vol. 4

This Monday we’re diving into Afrobeat!

[SN: I think Wikipedia is the mascot of the internet. The people’s medium. A peer-reviewed and crowd-funded outlet with a world full of contributors and a transparent sense of responsibility to its readers! Check out what’s threatening Net Neutrality now and contact your representatives or sign a petition! Our oceans, space, and inter-webs are the last frontiers; protect what freedoms we have left!]


Distruction Boyz

Find DB on FB!“Roll On”



Diaspora Across the Water…


MC Fioti “Bum Bum Tum Tum”

MCs Zaac e Jerry “Vai Taca Taca Taca”

If I love you. I gotta put you onto that new new!

And I do love ya.

Roze Goes

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