Music Monday Vol. 4

This Monday we’re diving into Afrobeat!

[SN: I think Wikipedia is the mascot of the internet. The people’s medium. A peer-reviewed and crowd-funded outlet with a world full of contributors and a transparent sense of responsibility to its readers! Check out what’s threatening Net Neutrality now and contact your representatives or sign a petition! Our oceans, space, and inter-webs are the last frontiers; protect what freedoms we have left!]


Distruction Boyz

Find DB on FB!“Roll On”



Diaspora Across the Water…


MC Fioti “Bum Bum Tum Tum”

MCs Zaac e Jerry “Vai Taca Taca Taca”

If I love you. I gotta put you onto that new new!

And I do love ya.

Roze Goes

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When Roze first went in 2012,  it was kind of like a journal ... that other people could read. Embarassing. But I'm realizing that my voice, my experiences, my representation and narrative are valuable. There's room enough for me too. My talents and interests. My time is now. Roze

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