NYX Illuminating Stix

Do you exhibit the following?

1. Cheekbones?

2. A passion for slayage?💅🏾

3. A space princess alter ego?🧝🏾‍♀️

4. Poor fine motor skills which makes using traditional brush and powder difficult?

5. A love of portable cylindrical things?

If so (to any one or number of these), then NYX’s “Bright Idea💡 Illuminating Sticks” are for you!

Super simple to use, beautifully non-greasy, and it comes in multiple shades! You could LITERALLY use them all on your face at the same time if you want! Roze did! 🤳🏾 Crazy blendable, miraculously creamy, and dumb buildable.

Use them on your face, collarbones, and body. They don’t flashback, and they make a good eyeshadow primer.

It’s Gabby!
That’s Gabby! (on the right)
Visit Gab’s book reviewing, sharing, and suggestion based lifestyle blog straight outta HOTlanta!

:whispers: I’m on the left!

Here, I’m wearing the bronze stick on my forehead, cheekbones, the bridge/button if my nose, Cupid’s bow, and chin. It’s nearly flesh toned on my copper skin, so it’s my go-to for a quick summery low key glow! ⭐️✨

So basically, buy it. Hella affordable at a Target near you!

#marchinto shining bright like a diamond 💎

Love Yourself,


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