Black Music Month!

So typically, what you would find here is feature or brief review of one ore more musical artists and a few of their respective songs. A couple YouTube videos, or a hyperlinked set of lyrics.

Not this month. This time it’ll be a month-long list of songs and artists that mean something to me. Epitomizing black music for Madam Rozé.

Let’s check what Wikipedia has to say…

So to switch it up I’ll be adding to this post daily (hold me accountable, dammit!) with the answers to each day’s question.

I’ll post days 1-3 here exclusively, and if you follow me on Instagram (or vice versa) you can see my real-time answers that I’ll follow up with an entry here!

Black Music Month: #30DayMusicChallenge

Day 1. “Too Close” x Next

In my defense I was, and still am, an odd child. I truly believed this song was about personal space. I didn’t see the video until I was already a man (Bane reference) and didn’t put two and two together because of my math anxiety. Sue me! I love it now that I’m an adult!

Day 2. “He Lives in You” & “Circle of Life x 🦁🤴🏾

Trick question, it’s a tie. I literally get chills every time I hear this. I got goosebumps pasting this link. Real talk. Lion King is a staple for most 90s babies, and ain’t nothin black-er or more musical than animated lions!

Day 3. “Boogie Wonderland”

x Earth, Wind & Fire 🌏💨🔥

I sweater god! If Taylor Swift tries to get her hands on this for the next volume of “Now That’s What I Call Gentrification!”, I will write a letter to my senator! Big mad!

Day 4: “Hotline Bling” x Drake

The young lady Aubrey Drake Graham describes seems to living her BEST LIFE! She has chosen to reject the stay-at-Home “good girl” narrative he shaped for her, and is flourishing beautifully. Classics misogynoir and heteronormative toxicity! Plus he a dead beat anyway. But that damn 7th grade maths teacher dance is my weakness!

Day 5: “This Woman’s Work”

Kate Bush x Maxwell

Pray God you can cope! Let me spell out the long and sordid history of this quasi-confusing song! First written by Kate Bush for the soundtrack of the film “She’s Having a Baby”, Maxwell covered it in the early 2000’s, and he quickly became a black people standard! His video, shows one of grief and loss as a lover copes with the death of his partner. And Kate Bush’s video, and expecting father deals with the stress of his wife giving birth and his surge of emotions. Somehow! Black people have made this a “get you pregnant” mix tape hit, but it wouldn’t make sense at all given the information from these two artists. However, I love it nonetheless, and a black man’s falsetto is a beautiful coveted thing!

Day 6: Fav Hip Hop/R&B Collab

“Let’s Get Married” REMIX

X Jagged Edge feat. Rev Run

I almost HATE that I love this song. I definitely used to think “wow, he basically states that we’re playing around, and not getting any younger!”, and I found that to be a little callous! BUT age has wizened me, and it hits my ears a little softer each time. I mean I’m not doing anything, and I could use the tax benefits, so why NOT get married!? 🤷🏾‍♀️

Day 7: Favorite R&B Duet

“Alone Together” Daley x Marsha Ambrosius

I’ll be honest. Daley kinda Rick Rolled me. He hit me with the Bobby Caldwell. :whispers: “At first listen I thought he was a black man!”. BUT the beauty of black culture, is that is welcoming and pervasive! Mazel Tov!

Day 8: Fave Remix

“Hurtin Me” Stefflondon RMX

Sean, Paul, Popcaan, & Sizzla

Roze’s Remix criteria questions:

1. Does it smack!?

2. More or less than the original?

3. Are there too many cooks?

4. Does the feel of the song change?

5. Beneficially? Or harmfully?

6. Does it achieve more or less acclaim?

This remix smacks harder in my opinion. It’s new features only enhance the song, and the new vibe created with indefinitely extend the life of summer anthem! I get to wail the lyrics while drinking mimosas. We are DEEP into brunch season!

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