T’was the Workday After Christmas

Originally posted January 6, 2020

Read time: 4 Minutes

‘Twas the Workday after Christmas, and all through the job, “WTF IS MY PASSWORD!” queried coworkers with sobs.

The cubicles were reoccupied with dead eyed white walkers, Holiday pic over-sharers, and grandchildren talkers.

The managers and team leads all tucked in their meetings. With memories of New Year’s outfits quickly fleeting.

No sorrel, no coquito, and no eggnog in site! Yearning for Christmas specials and dance floor filled nights.

Conference room still decked in dollar store decorations. You volunteer to take them down to practice your patience.

Reunited work husbands and wives sending gifs. Despite their protesting partners, Finally exchanging gifts.

Forever-long meetings; Q4 in recap. Finding out who was fired, and other HR mishaps!

With empty bellies grumbling, it is lunch time at last! But that clock MUST BE LYING! It’s only 10 and half past!

When out in the hall there arose such a clatter! And of course nosy Michael checks to see what’s the matter.

Away to the copier, that rests by the door, and pretend to mind my business while I try to hear more.

Scuttled back to my corner. Hearing the hallway projector. I knew at once that it was the director!

She was dressed in a pant suit, her trousers slightly fraying. In dicating that even at her level, this job just ain’t paying!

“Hey Micheal, Hey Ericka! I’ve got baked goods in the hall! What do you say to a half day for all!?”

With a wink of an eye, and a twirl of my chair; My workspace all clean, You’d hardly know I was there!

With my key in the ignition, Pulling out of the garage, I see my one real friend, We exchange weary head nods,

To the post office, mechanic, or Chipotle, a classic! The world is our oyster, now that we’d beaten traffic!

And away we all flew down the highway with speed. Thanks to our harrowed director and the break she did need!

She paused and she waved turning out all the lights…

“Happy Half-day to all, and to all a good night!”

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