About/Reaching Roze


 A 28 year-old SoFlo well-being blogger-ess and time traveller. One day at a time. Life is a journey.  Travel and BE light!

A young woman in her twenties trying her hand at adulting. My university experiences (Go Bulls!) in editorial journalism, radio, leadership, social media management, and content curation sparked an interest in media and storytelling.

Realizing more and more that you have to be deliberate in shaping your experiences. I want to live the HECK out of this life! I plan to make some memories. I’m reinvesting my energies into things that make me feel alive; travel, obliterating sociocultural constructs, learning new things, and exhibiting the utmost slay! I’m growing daily in confidence and self-awareness.


When Roze first went in 2012,  it was kind of like a journal … that other people could read. Embarrassing. But I’m realizing that my voice, my experiences, my narrative are valuable. There’s room enough for me too. My talents and interests. My time is now.


Roze Elsewhere

“Free Pussy Riot” – Roze x Mechanical Dummy

“Music Monday: Kendrick Lamar” – Roze x HerCampus USF

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