Happy Birthday LeVar Burton!

If you’ve ever taken a look inside a book, you owe someone a “thank you”. That someone is LeVar Burton. For so many, on so many Saturdays, he and the Public Broadcast Station took us to far flung locales and caught us up in people and plots. LeVar Burton is a Time Lordt. Afro-futurism and Negus Passed all wrapped up into one chocolatey ageless package.

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Happy Birthday, Angela Davis!

With over 10 books and a lifetime worth of experience, Angela Davis is one of the greatest to ever do it. Teaching, leading, writing, and always challenging. She is the ultimate #wcw 🤤😍

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T’was the Workday After Christmas

Critics are calling it “A refreshing take on an old holiday favorite!”

It’s me. I’m critics.

The touching story of a diverse band of HR-approved Holiday-hungover employees just aching to see their good old friend. Their bed.

“Happy half day to all, and to all a good night!”

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My Year in Spotify


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DIY Wednesday: Jerome’s in the House!

This quick costume is for the 90’s sitcom lover and black culture enthusiasts. (NO BLACK-FACE ALLOWED) It cost 20 dollars to make including the wig, brows, and mustache.

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4 Lessons Adulting Has Taught Me!

Sometimes, adulthood is just making bad decisions (or ones that just feel bad) and sticking with them. Whether it’s seeing out a terrible job, paying all your bills early and leaving yourself nothing to live on, or eating lackluster Pinterest salads for the rest of the week. Sometimes you just have to suck it up to achieve your goal 🥅 !

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