Happy Birthday LeVar Burton!

If you’ve ever taken a look inside a book, you owe someone a “thank you”. That someone is LeVar Burton. For so many, on so many Saturdays, he and the Public Broadcast Station took us to far flung locales and caught us up in people and plots. LeVar Burton is a Time Lordt. Afro-futurism and Negus Passed all wrapped up into one chocolatey ageless package.

Happy Birthday, Angela Davis!

With over 10 books and a lifetime worth of experience, Angela Davis is one of the greatest to ever do it. Teaching, leading, writing, and always challenging. She is the ultimate #wcw 🤤😍

“The First 90 Days”: Book Review

*Disclaimer* Finish (with mastery and understanding) this book as quickly as you can! Do not wait, or procrastinate, or budget it out to last the 90 days! Do not make the same mistake I did in treating it like "The 90 Day Pocket Guide"! It should be called "What to Do and Expect in Your... Continue Reading →

What comes to mind when you think of custom printed invitations, hand-crafted memorabilia , and beautifully decorated venues? Well, after you read this, it should be a dedicated young black woman working steadfastly to make your moments exquisite! Celebrate Simply does just that!

FebYOUary Lesson #2: Don’t Hide!

Here goes something new. I'll admit I was a little uncomfortable reacquainting myself with a camera. Knowing it would capture my new adult body a little less forgivingly. Knowing that I'm still writing and rewriting my definition of sexy on an etch-a-sketch.

Heck it!

20-Something: Young Adults Seem Stuck

I’ve got a bad case of the twenty-somethings. Specifically the late twenties. There’s fire burning under my butt 🔥🍑, yet it’s too hot to feel. This book called out to me. Maybe Robin Marantz Henig has the answers. Maybe no one does. Read more...

The Essential Social Media Marketing Handbook

One of my goals for 2018 is read more. More nonfiction, informative, and professional-development texts. And since I’m trying to “take this blog thing more seriously“, Gail Z. Martin’s “roadmap” seemed like the obvious choice. Read more...

Black Love & Buttah Babez: Beauty Bae

My get-ready ritual is a science. It differs slightly depending on the season and occasion, but by now it’s muscle memory. So when I add a new product, and like it, It becomes canon. I’ve given ButtahBabez a try!

TV Bae: Shonda Rhimes/Year of No

She’s old, and likes to lie. But in reading her humorous and heartfelt journey to self-fulfillment, I was inspired and reassured. If Shonda Rhimes, the inventor of Thursday nights can struggle and shine, so can I.

Can I Have an Aaliyah Moment?

Can I come over? Come over... to see you tonight? Nights like these make me wish I had a single bed. That other side ain't nothin but mockery. To press my forehead up to yours. Sappy eskimo kisses. Inhale kisses on your collarbone and exhale a warm embrace with hands wandering my thighs. And we'll... Continue Reading →

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