T’was the Workday After Christmas

Critics are calling it “A refreshing take on an old holiday favorite!”

It’s me. I’m critics.

The touching story of a diverse band of HR-approved Holiday-hungover employees just aching to see their good old friend. Their bed.

“Happy half day to all, and to all a good night!”

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4 Lessons Adulting Has Taught Me!

Sometimes, adulthood is just making bad decisions (or ones that just feel bad) and sticking with them. Whether it’s seeing out a terrible job, paying all your bills early and leaving yourself nothing to live on, or eating lackluster Pinterest salads for the rest of the week. Sometimes you just have to suck it up to achieve your goal 🥅 !

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2019: Year of Compatibility

I had to tough it out. Find stores of resilience in myself because no matter how inconvenient and painful, ultimately not one in that series of unfortunate events, would kill me. There’s something both empowering and disheartening in knowing that you can survive more

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Thanos Is Bae! *Spoilers 🚨

IDC IDC IDC! Say what you will about him but he’s witty, buff, and has a great smile! Plus he’s ALL ABOUT long term planning!

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