“The First 90 Days”: Book Review

*Disclaimer* Finish (with mastery and understanding) this book as quickly as you can! Do not wait, or procrastinate, or budget it out to last the 90 days! Do not make the same mistake I did in treating it like "The 90 Day Pocket Guide"! It should be called "What to Do and Expect in Your... Continue Reading →

20-Something: Young Adults Seem Stuck

I’ve got a bad case of the twenty-somethings. Specifically the late twenties. There’s fire burning under my butt 🔥🍑, yet it’s too hot to feel. This book called out to me. Maybe Robin Marantz Henig has the answers. Maybe no one does. Read more...

Common Came to OUR School!

He was so fresh and so wise and so personable. His sweater fit his biceps so right. His voice was so soulful and smokey. He carried himself with the pent-up wisdom of Maya Angelou. He spoke of passions, of perseverance; adversity and success. He stirred us to move and urged us to pray. Intermittantly he... Continue Reading →

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