DIY: No Sew Bag!

I take it as a personal challenge to attempt to recreate (read “I’m not paying for that, [insert store name here] plays too much!”) nifty crafted doohickeys.

It’s my own heartfelt vendetta against all seemingly DIY-able jewelry, crafts, accessories, clothing, and general knickknacks. If it’s got rhinestones, canvas, paint, or yarn, I won’t rest until I’m a Pinterest “nailed it” horror meme!

Lately I’ve been drawn to real throwback purses: bucket bags, bamboo basket handbags, and woven carry-alls.

So generally this was my inspiration. Minus the lining. I have no interest in transporting pens or loose change.

It came to me pretty simply. I figured tank top straps are already like purse handles, so I’d start from there.


Scissors, Tank top of choice, Cardboard, Objects to carry


1. I cut my tank top into strips leaving the neckline and armpit holes (That’s the scientific term) intact.

2. Stretch the strips to have enough length to work with.

Be careful not to cut the strips too thin, because you will lose them when you stretch. Also maybe don’t use your Hulk strength.


The fallen comrades :(

3. Interweave and knot the strips to create the net. Think basketball ūüŹÄ netting.

Ideally I would have slipped a flattened box into the tank top so that I could clearly sort and weave the straps. You could probably also pin them in place while you planned your pattern!

What you don’t want is to tie neighbor strips to one another! Otherwise you’ll just have purposeless knots. You’re tying every other strip together, and then securing them with knots.

Leave the middle strip alone. It will be tied to the the following strip.

In this example tank top we would tie strip #1 to #3, and strip #2 to #4

Following this pattern around the tank top should create your first row of quasi-diamond shaped openings, once you finish the row, you follow this pattern until your ends are too short to keep it up.

4. Seal off the bottom of the bag by tying opposing ends to one another; reaching across the circle to match each end up.

If you were to look down into the netting you could see the freely hanging ends as if you were standing under a basketball hoop.

Tie your ends together and make sure not to leave any gaps.

5. Test it out. Doing this you’ll see if any ends were left unmatched, and whether or not you should reinforce certain areas with additional knots.

Better next time…

Next time I won’t cut the strips so thin, and use a thicker fabric. I’ll use a cardboard insert to help sort my strips, and I’d like to try this with tank tops of varying sizes. I could maybe also make the diamonds a little smaller so that when stretched, they don’t turn into gaping holes. ūüôĄ

Roze Goes Rating:


This can be overcome with practice. I’ll use thicker fabrics. I can probably find some great thrifted tanks with interesting patterns or textures for a different look. Maybe denim!


I hope you’ll try some new DIY this month! this ones just in time for Memorial Day weekend. #MAYbe you need a cute beach bag or sack to carry your toys or snacks. Reduce, reuse, recycle!‚ôĽÔłŹ

Head on over to to see more ethically sourced upcycled cloth bags, napkins, and bookmarks!


FebYOUary Lesson #2: Don’t Hide!

It has been many moons since the last time I was in front of a camera. It’s also been many moons since I really felt creative. I’ve been carefully squirrelling my light away under a bushel. I’ve been calling that bushel “adulting”. This immovable obstruction pressed so firmly against the base of my skull that I can hardly get oxygen to my creative cortex.

model 2
I miss my bald head! #goodknocking #usf 

I’m lying. I’m a liar. I lied. I’m hiding.

Out here in the “real world” (a saying that WISH teachers and well-meaning advisors would stop using IMMEDIATELY!¬†It minimizes the experiences of adolescents and students that haven’t yet been thwarted by the pressures of life! #rant) the support of your student organizations and friends just ain’t what it used to be. Bills need paying and passion-projects don’t contribute to your 401k¬†(don’t¬†even get me started on how horrifying a concept saving for your retirement is!). I so often wish I was still her, lil’ Roze, as I affectionately call my former selves. Before the newest updates. The new fears. The grownup challenges. So I hid(e) in old memories relishing. “In undergrad I used to…”

model 1
Look at my smug lil’ no bills havin ass face!¬†

Sure, I kept up with the blog, but I haven’t been taking chances. Haven’t had as many firsts in the years since matriculation. But I don’t want those parts of me to rust. Spoil. Die.

Somehow conversely, I think I’d been idealizing a potential 24/7 non-stop musing life. Some dopamine-fueled Issa Rae ecstasy dream where I only ever do what I want. Make what I want. Live how and where I want.

Hiding. Hoping. Not crafting or creating.

I want to be more Issa and less cubicle drone worker-bee, sure. But I also don’t wanna have to find individual health insurance on an open market.¬†*gag*

So this is the middle road. Invest just a little more over time. Churn out better quality work more consistently. Collaborating. Saying loudly and proudly what I’m passionate about, and sharing/connecting with others. Taking MYSELF seriously. My talents seriously. Because I don’t want those parts of me to rust. Spoil. Die.¬†Considering my day job, as just that; a temporary gig. I’m not trapped if always have creating as an out.

So here goes something new. I’ll admit I was a little uncomfortable reacquainting myself with a camera. Knowing it would capture my new adult body a little less forgivingly. Knowing that I’m still writing and rewriting my definition of sexy on a thrift store etch-a-sketch.

Heck it!


Wise Kouture and Roze Goes meet up to create a lookbook to help you work furs, camouflage, (p)leather, camel, and olive green into your wardrobe. Might just be the inspiration you need to put together your Black Panther opening weekend outfit!

safallri photoset

Camo Pants OOTD from Rozeena Taylor on Vimeo. Check out my boo Wise Kouture!

Some faves!

This one I call “The Wakangregation”!
Here I’m definitely dubious about the occupants of this sabal palm.
The Sun is my best friend!
I am just an icon living! 
“Don’t make me come down to that school!”
roze 3.jpg
Perhaps you should speak to me more softly then. Monsters are dangerous and, just now, kings are dying like flies!
roze 2 (1).jpg

I’m also considering improv! Took a drop-in course at the Villain Theater. It put a lump on my throat and a race in my heart. It felt uncomfortable, new, perfect! I’ll be back for more.

Check Wise Kouture out in a previous post! Art Basel 2015! Friends support friends.

When was the last time you did something for the first time? What was it? What’s keeping your light under a bushel? Finances, lack of opportunity, time? Share below, because I need more new. More firsts. I can’t be done already!

I don’t want those parts of YOU to rust. Spoil. Die. Eat the world! If even in tiny bites!¬† Love you,


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Art Basel Miami 2015

I’m no hypebeast. I don’t mind being terribly behind on trends. I don’t need up-to-the-minute updates. I like to think that I could live off the grid if necessary. I’m the type of person that¬†likes to wait for the hype to settle, like dust after a storm. I don’t want other people’s opinions to spoil experiences for me. I haven’t seen a single episode of Game of Thrones, and I don’t care! Yeah, I’m THAT person. I CAN wait to vet all your movie and music suggestions and be 3-4 years behind, 3-4 years from now.

In the spirit of having just watched all the Harry Potter movies, I present to you my overview of Art Basel Miami 2015!

For an extended weekend (12/3 Р12/6) artists and observers flock the city of Miami to host and attend an array of art-focused events. The jewel of this weekend is the maze of instillations housed at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Millions of peices, prices, and people of interest get  together to sample the labor fruit salad of countless aspiring and established artists.

Thursday night I attended Swizz Beatz’s Casa Bacardi House Party. Each night featured a different lineup and I was fortunate enough to attend the opening night with Alicia Keys.It was SENSATIONAL! Hot – and unbeknownst to me outdoors – but sensational! I saw Saun Ross, Sevyn Streeter, Beyonce’s stylist Ty Hunter¬†and Angela Simmons! I was at arms length but couldn’t manage to say anything. Poot.

Friday night I attended this…

¬†It too, was sensational. I love virtually any opportunity to enjoy the company of other carribeans. Put that with art and food trucks; it’s my idea of cultural overload! Wining. Wukkin’ up. Works of art. I bumped into a few friends and IG celebs. I MET ESTELLE!

Saturday was a mashup. I met up with friend and stylist Wise Kouture and took the convention center by force!She made a vlog!¬†¬†Here’s the link!¬†

After that we went to the Yeelen Gallery for an event that showcased the works of black female artists and highlighted many of the socio-economic perils we face.

 I met Tico Armand (IG:@iamtico) a model, style icon, and just generally phenomenal black woman!

The weekend was moving. I felt so many feels.

I made a vid!

In parting I leave you with this… Free art!


Roze Goes (Née Nancy)

Footer new

While You Were Out…

I’m like a baby. Well, more like a peek-a-boo enthusiast. Once I put my hands over my eyes, the universe¬†implodes into an unfathomable white hole.¬†At least that’s what I think¬†happens¬†when I¬†neglect¬†to post for a while. I’m sure that’s not the case at all. Your lives probably continue;¬†reluctantly checking¬†your emails, being scolded at¬†Starbucks¬†when you call a ‘tall’ a ‘small’, and washing the whites you’ve saved up for three months.¬†¬†Rather than¬†regaling¬†you with the ins and outs of my obviously posh life fill of celebrity and adventure, I’ll do what I’m good at; making lists. My life for the last couple of months in pictures and videos.

1…. met Rosario Dawson. She’s pretty bad-ass!

2. Homecoming 2012. I’m the girl in the suit!

I’m like a 2012 Grace Jones!

3. I’m in love with this song and video! It’s like Tumblr had a baby with Rihanna and gave birth on VEVO!

4. I’m actually doing really well in school this semester and am ¬†hoping¬†to finish¬†this semester off strong, although senioritis is a B!$H! On the upside, the semester’s coming swiftly to an end!

5. .. been playing a lot lately with bow ties and androgyny. The perks of being a baldie!

6. There was this guy, and he ran for President, but he didn’t quite win. This guy was his Public Relations Coordinator. Explains itself.

YAY!!! Romney – Ryan!!!

7. I’ve been getting better and waking up early to start¬†productive¬†and fulfilling days. They start off with yoga, meditation, and yogurt and end¬†promptly¬†with that. I dropped a post. Like to read it, here it goes!

… and then a little interpretive dance…

8. I have¬†truly¬†come into form. I’m a genuine Jamaican! [insert stereotype about multiple jobs here] Two jobs and I’m searching for a third. I have goals. Non-free goals. Those non-free goals require money, American money. BUT when I get off, it looks something like this…

Um… I can’t think of anything else right now. I’ve missed you terribly. How come you don’t call me anymore!?


Things I’ve Been Pondering…

As always I have a lot on the brain. This, unfortunately, is no different from any of the other trillions of seconds of my life since it started. However, I¬†haven’t¬†posted in a while and have a lot to get off my chest. I’m going to gently detain two birds with one humane trap. I’ll let you in on the thoughts¬†bouncing¬†around in my head like pinball – or more accurately¬†skee-ball (and not even making the biggest circle: you know the one that¬†yields¬†the fewest points) played by an¬†octopus¬†with ADD. (Disclaimer: ADD and ADHD are serious illne- look, a SQUIRREL!!!!)

Here goes…

1. In typical young-people style, I have a tendency to think that this, right here, *points at current spot* is the end; somehow my judgement gets clouded by Tumblr and high-waisted skirts and I think that this stage in my life will last forever. (Not entirely my fault¬†though, sometimes it goes by SUPER slow).¬†I’m¬†realizing it isn’t. I have to be wary of my decision-making¬†now in order to not jeopardize my later AND remember that¬†there’s¬†better to come.


This song is bouncing around in there…

3. I am STOCKING UP on high-waisted shorts!!! So far the count is at three: a¬†light-wash¬†denim, a darker washed denim, and an ashy black pair (shh¬†don’t¬†tell the others that i might like the black ones the most! “I¬†don’t¬†love you them MORE, I just love them DIFFERENT, see?”)

4. It’s when you want to do you, that interested persons come out of the wood works. “I’m working on Roze right now, and she’s really selfish sooo… ” I’m enjoying my me-time, or maybe I’m just to¬†busy¬†to notice I’m alone. (sadface)

And this one…

5.¬†I’m¬†not painfully impoverished anymore! (super yay)

6. Trayvon Martin… *sigh* I won’t get into it.

7. Also liking this song a lot…

8. I’ve been thinking a lot about love and my relationships in the future. What will they look like? Who will I share my life with? Interracial babies perhaps?

9. School may very well be the death of me. learning that what¬†doesn’t¬†kill you…. may just make you ¬†kill yourself. (Not me though, I like food too much!) Oh well, someone¬†recently¬†told me that it¬†doesn’t¬†matter how long my education takes, as long as i finish and better myself. I have so many dreams and I feel like I¬†don’t¬†have enough life to live out all my potential. I need two personal assistants and a clone.

10. I thrift like it’s going out of style! (wait…*counts on fingers*) I’ll make a vid on my most recent stuff.

11. Shirt-cutting season is upon us and I will be snipping up some masterpieces sooner than later. be on the lookout!

I likes me some Wale…

12.¬†I’ve¬†been working on my style a lot. And by that I¬†don’t¬†just mean manner of dress. my speech, my personal presentation, making sure that my outsides reflect my insides. I wanna be a¬†masterpiece. However, on the clothing front, I PROMISE to stop being a punk and wear the awesome stuff I buy instead of just dreaming about chances to debut them.

13. NEED another job! like yesterday!!!

I¬†don’t¬†know what else. Lot¬†happening¬†to me right now. I’m trying to keep my options open and prepare myself for all opportunities. i want this life full force!! (YOLO or some BS like that)

15 Random Things About ME!

1. I’ve been obsessed with¬†blazers since High School. Whenever my collection grows I feel like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

2. I adopted this new baby earlier this week. Welcome to the family boo!

my newest addition…

3. My nose is almost ALWAYS stuffy! (I’m usually running’ on one nostril)

4. I hate when people smooth their eyebrows with their own spit. (Not that they would use anyone else’s, but it makes your brows smell… ew)

5. I’m on a constant quest for $5 movies at Wal-mart and Target. SERIOUSLY!

6. I pick my nose. JUDGE ME NOT!!!

7. Every time I feel the least bit sick I¬†Google¬†and¬†Web-MD¬†my symptoms! They always turn up the same three results: ¬† ¬† ¬†Lyme Disease, cancer (of some sort), or pregnancy…

8. I have PRETTY BIG lady feet! (I WILL NOT disclose the size)

9. I just bought THESE!!! I’ve been promising to work out more, specifically¬†running, and I needed the right tools!

10. One of my goals is to own a greater variety of shoes. (ranging in formality, color, texture, and material; most of mine are just black :/ )

11.  Sometimes my inner dialogue is louder than the conversation I’m actually having.

12. ¬†For me, nail polish is considered for ‚Äúspecial occasions‚ÄĚ because I can‚Äôt ever keep em‚Äô nice. They‚Äôre usually kept very short with a clear polish.

13. I have big-city dreams and I PROMISE to fulfill them!

14.¬†I STAY getting hit on by old creepers. I guess I‚Äôm special‚Ķ yay¬† ūüė¶

15. Last but not least: There are some people who I miss terribly but will never tell. I have pride issues.

DO YOU (Uncle Sam Finger) have the $W#@?

This made me super-laugh! (That’s a laugh endowed with otherworldly power from parents on Krypton) For all those that mightily ride their bedazzled cheetah-printed surfboards in their freshest Hot-Topic gear atop the glitter waves of swag, I am talking to you! You’re not original, you’re not interesting, you’re not worth getting to know.

Symptoms of the Swag Flu:
1. tight (sometimes colored) jeans
2. brightly colored graphic tees
3. vans, jays, exclusive Nikes
4. back-pocket bandanas or tails
5. fitted caps
6. vests (of any fabric)
7. photo-shopped Facebook pics
8. ungodly #of jackets (on/off your body)
9. possession of 1 or more Lil B mixtapes
10. plethora of piercings
11. tattoos only where ppl can see
This pandemic has to be vaccinated! These people need to be rehabilitated and Tumblr only causes relapses and outbreaks. Or otherwise everyone with it has to die like the Bubonic plague. Wow… that’d be 1/3 of the earth’s population. Imagine the economic upturn afterward! I approve!!
Shoutout to @KiidTalkShiit