Update: 10 Random Things

Hello you guise! Welcome to 2014!¬†I know I’ve been gone and it has been a struggle-and-a-half just remembering my password, but I am back and already it feels natural. Like no time has passed; like it was just yesterday. I had so may things I wanted to discuss, to share. Last semester was a nightmarish blur and here I am, on the edge of the real word; staring down the barrel of my last semester ans an undergraduate student. Crap!

As much as I want to get mushy and wax poetic, I just haven’t the time. Here’s what’s been going on in a brief, but informative list.

1. Be true to yourself. Even if/when it hurts you. The truths you stifle and swallow now, will come back as burning bile.

2. I have hair. It’s not what the naturalist-as have it cracked up to be. I miss clippers.

3. Clean up your iTunes; if Fallout Boy doesn’t represent you anymore, it’s OK.

4. Stop saving those clothes for “the right occasion”, you may eventually get fat. Wear a ball gown on campus.

5. It’s HARD to live in two times at once: fulfilling your commitments in one chapter (college), while preparing for another (whatever’s after college, IDK Starbucks!?)

6. I have no idea how to file taxes, and at any rate I’m too poor to.

7. Do what fulfills your soul, what best befits your personal growth path.

8. Growing up sucks BOOTY CHEEKS!!! Big Ole Cherokee (yes, the adult film star, no this is not an invitation to ask me about my business) butt cheeks! … but I wouldn’t (not that I could!) have it any other way.

9. Depression is REAL! (yes, this includes black folks) … but so are all the reasons not to be. ūüôā You can’t do any of the things I mentioned if you can’t forgive yourself first.

10. Pick a role model; for deep reasons, for shallow reasons, for career advice, or how to learn the eyebrow-concealer trick! Have a few, have a bunch, but always be wanting MORE from yourself and life. Enlist the help of someone who can show you how! You are worth it!

I missed this space, this freedom. I will try not to leave you guise for so long. I was away, but I can bring you too!

Nancy Not-So Negative

P.S. LEAVE ME ALONE PHONE!! I’m threatening to move into a cave!

I’m A Pretty, Pretty, Butterfly!

What’s up ladies and gentlefingers!
I’m back from my shame fueled guilt cocoon, Oh how I have missed thee! So much has happened in the last few weeks. The spring semester wrapped up, I’m now #teamiPhone, it’s summer time in my corner of the world and everyday is palm tree hell!!!!

Real quick question:
If the predicted temperature is 90 degrees, but the “real feel” is 94, then isn’t it 94 degrees!?!? I feel heat, I don’t imagine it!!! Curse you weather men! [angrily shakes fist]

I’m learning so much in such a brief period of time. The last few weeks have been filled with repercussions and rewarding lessons. Personal development can come from so many directions and in so many forms. Failure is an excellent teacher; however it depends on what you take from it. You can learn to exceed your own expectations, or drown in your misfortunes. Either decision is easy to make and equally life changing. Depression has taught me a lot as well. It reminds you of your shortcomings when the sky is most grey and your will fails you. It also shows you who cares for you, and speaks volumes about your inner strength when you climb triumphantly from the fathomless pit like Bruce Wayne and save your own Gotham city.

Finally, taking chances, doing something you’ve never done to get something you’ve never had, bolsters your heart in ways I could never describe. God, I hope these aren’t temporary gains! I want to stay this hopeful, this confident and this motivated! For the first time in a long time I am SUPER WINNING!!! [ SShhh!! Don’t say that too loud, the universe might hear!]

Ok, I’m done writing Hallmark cards. I had to spill for a second and tell you what I’ve been up to…

Here are a few less mushy lessons I’ve picked up:
1. Poofreading is a skillet.
2. Have an up-to-date copy of your résumé ready ALWAYS!
3. You gotta know your limits, ask for help when it gets too bad. (Your circumstances, your behavior, or your emotions.)
4. Every iPhone has a little of Steve Jobs’ DNA in them. That’s what gives em magic. (I named my baby Morris, cause he’s dark chocolate like Morris Chestnut)

Racist joke from my black friend:
“You should get the black iPhone, it runs faster!!!”

Someone I care about called and wished me a happy Mother’s Day. Like any non-pregnant woman of child-bearing age, I took offense! He sweetly turned it around and told me it’s because he knows I’ll be a great mother. {awwwww *dies of cuteness*}

I got the sexiest internship in all of life!!! I’ll probably speak about it in-depth in another post. Just know that the stars aligned to make all of my dreams come true on this one. I REFUSE to sabotage myself again and cukf this up!!

I’m like a Brown Bear/JD hybrid! That’s all the hint you’ll get!

Writing a curriculum vitae is REDONKULOUS!! (Basically a curriculum vitae, for those you who do not know, it is a super in-depth resume that caters specifically to the job you’re applying for. A CV is particularly necessary in fields associated with high-brow professionalism, such as higher education or medicine. Here’s a link that explains the difference between a run-of-the-mill resume and a CV http://jobsearch.about.com/cs/curriculumvitae/f/cvresume.htm ) Professionalism takes work! I’m picking up the subtleties as I go along.

Well Jews and Gentiles, I think there may be hope for me yet. I may not be a professional slacker after all. I don’t think the world is ready for a fully functional, successful, and positive Roze. I’m not sure that I am. Life is kinda thrusting me into things now with or without my consent, and I’m beginning to think that’s better. I won’t stand in my own way.

Look out world, I care again!

Internships and internal shit,

Nancy Negative

While You Were Out…

I’m like a baby. Well, more like a peek-a-boo enthusiast. Once I put my hands over my eyes, the universe¬†implodes into an unfathomable white hole.¬†At least that’s what I think¬†happens¬†when I¬†neglect¬†to post for a while. I’m sure that’s not the case at all. Your lives probably continue;¬†reluctantly checking¬†your emails, being scolded at¬†Starbucks¬†when you call a ‘tall’ a ‘small’, and washing the whites you’ve saved up for three months.¬†¬†Rather than¬†regaling¬†you with the ins and outs of my obviously posh life fill of celebrity and adventure, I’ll do what I’m good at; making lists. My life for the last couple of months in pictures and videos.

1…. met Rosario Dawson. She’s pretty bad-ass!

2. Homecoming 2012. I’m the girl in the suit!

I’m like a 2012 Grace Jones!

3. I’m in love with this song and video! It’s like Tumblr had a baby with Rihanna and gave birth on VEVO!

4. I’m actually doing really well in school this semester and am ¬†hoping¬†to finish¬†this semester off strong, although senioritis is a B!$H! On the upside, the semester’s coming swiftly to an end!

5. .. been playing a lot lately with bow ties and androgyny. The perks of being a baldie!

6. There was this guy, and he ran for President, but he didn’t quite win. This guy was his Public Relations Coordinator. Explains itself.

YAY!!! Romney – Ryan!!!

7. I’ve been getting better and waking up early to start¬†productive¬†and fulfilling days. They start off with yoga, meditation, and yogurt and end¬†promptly¬†with that. I dropped a post. Like to read it, here it goes!


… and then a little interpretive dance…

8. I have¬†truly¬†come into form. I’m a genuine Jamaican! [insert stereotype about multiple jobs here] Two jobs and I’m searching for a third. I have goals. Non-free goals. Those non-free goals require money, American money. BUT when I get off, it looks something like this…

Um… I can’t think of anything else right now. I’ve missed you terribly. How come you don’t call me anymore!?


Summer’s Around the Corner…

… and I’ve been thinking about the end of the semester and how my summer will go. I still have three finals to¬†attend¬†to as well as courses to take over the summer. the month of April has kept me busier than the¬†hamsters¬†(poor lil tired furry feet) that run the internet. I want to finish strong but I just really wanna be done. I’m kind of feeling like this…

Well, not exactly like this… GWAR kinda went a little left with it…

I have a Summer To-Do List (one of my many ongoing lists)

1. ¬†Get back into Yoga! I miss being flexible and centered; one with the universe and all that jazz. Really I just used to get up in the morning, read a Bible verse, do some yoga, and drink a glass of OJ. It was my quiet time to get my day started. But I’ve been “rippin’ and runnin’ ” (as my Mom would say) so¬†aggressively¬†these last two semesters that I’ve really fallen off with my discipline.

2. I want my blog to be taken seriously, so I WILL post more consistently. At LEAST every three days.

3. Little known fact: I¬†don’t¬†have my¬†licence, so I want to FINALLY get that. (tired of “Oh you can’t drive? What’s wrong with you?” commentary… *frown*)

4. Work! Work! Work! … and Save! Save! Save!

5. Get crafty and start on all the projects ion my head! (I’m a little homemaker, tall and thin, here are my¬†scissors, here is my glue!)

6. Network More!! I’m friendly and resourceful, why¬†aren’t¬†I better connected?

7. Go to the beach! It get;s kinda played out in Florida so believe it or not, I¬†haven’t¬†been in about a year!

8. Get in SHAPE!!!!

9. Travel! I want to go somewhere on my own time. I want to visit and appreciate at my own leisure, not when¬†you’re¬†on a family trip and the only parts of Brooklyn you see are in your grand-aunt’s house.

10. Stop cursing! I don’t do it too often, but I’m too complacent with it. It slips out comfortably in conversation like it belongs. (GET BACK IN THE BASEMENT, EXPLETIVE!!!!!!) It betrays my¬†labyrinthine¬†vocabulary! I want to be better!

11. I want to read WAY more often. Not just required text. Mounds of homework over the years make you shirk from literature like vampires from the light. Somebody, please recommend me some a good read!

12. Look ahead to the fall¬†semester¬†and plan out my involvement and career goals. i need to get serious about what I’m going to do in the coming years. I wont be in college forever (no matter how it feels now). Will it be grad school? A 9-5 job? Med School? Will I pursue my passions and roam the world for a while?

Ok so… what else?

I met Finesse Mitchell (yum) when he came to our school! I got a couple of¬†pictures¬†with him, the one I’m using as my background is definitely the BESTEST!!! ¬†went to a leadership conference which was¬†enlightening¬†and great! I¬†learned¬†about motivation, goal-setting, and working with others. This week went by super fast!!

Summer, GWAR, and Finesse Mitchell’s ole’ sexy self!!!!

Super Sigh…

You guys, I’m feeling¬†BRIGHT gray right about now…

how i’m feeling right now

This is terrible… I don’t wanna do anything! help me out, gimme some words of wisdom… set a fire under my bum! I’m in a rut!

What 2011 Taught Me…

I know I’m a little… well quite tardy. (If this were class, I would have lost ALL attendance points) I had every intention of posting this on New Year’s Eve but I realized I needed to give it some thought. So now, after a long day of avoiding my responsibilities and shifting between my social networks, I’ve decided to gather my thoughts here. Christmas Break is over and I need to get back into the routine of posting quality updates…. so here goes.


Things 2011 Taught Me

1. HECK professors!

(Not really… unless it gets you a better grade and not kicked out.) Read the textbook and teach¬†yourself. They’re there to review the material that you were SUPPOSED to learn on your own and assist your understanding.

2. STOP comparing yourself to others. Your path is your own. You’ve purposely surrounded yourself with successful and ambitious people for a reason. Help them celebrate their accomplishments, DO NOT envy ¬†them.

3. Remember the plan (whatever your personal life plan is…) and stick to it. Obstacles may come and go but they are intended to test your metal. Who knows? They’re might be a giant Dairy Queen¬†at the end waiting for you…. mmmm¬†Dilly Bars! ūüėÄ

4. Stay true to yourself. Listen to your conscience. What good is all this effort, if at the end¬†you’re¬†not YOU to enjoy it?

5. If you want something done right you MUST do it yourself!

6. Loving someone DOES NOT equal being IN LOVE with that someone! Despite what the song says you CAN’T make love out of nothing at all.

7. Invest in yourself. Besides God (and maybe your Mom/spouse), no one can love you better than you can!

8. The Financial Aid Department at any¬†school¬†SUCKS ASS!!!! Yes they are after you, and no this doesn’t happen to everyone. They have a personal vendetta against you!

9. Stop saving your¬†good¬†clothes for “special¬†occasions”. Wear them now. Rock a tuxedo to class. Sport a ball gown at the library. That way, if you get hit by a bus or choke on a toothpick, you will be the hottest thing your EMT has ever seen! Maybe they’ll show up at your bedside with flowers… can you say Grey’s Anatomy¬†ROMANCE!!! There’s nothing like a near-death experience to put things into perspective. (Just ask Keanu Reeves’ and Sandra¬†Bullocks’ characters in Speed)

10. Don’t assume loyalty from anyone. People are fickle little creatures.

11. First impressions are for more than handshakes and job interviews. Work hard on your dreams, assignments, and goals THE FIRST TIME; it’ll save you a lot of time and heartache.

12. School is not the end all be all. There are many paths to a dream; just like the many ways there are to skin a cat. (SN: Why would anyone want to skin a cat? When was cat fur stylish on the runways of Milan? Why is that a phrase?)

13. Don’t chase anyone! There are more than¬†enough¬†hours in a day, you make time for what you want. If you’re watching them tweet and wondering¬†why¬†they wont call, know that they have made their decision. Play Jay-Z’s “On to the Next”, do the robot in front of your mirror, and move along.

14. Strive to be as self-sufficient as possible; the confidence and pride you gain will be immeasurable.

Last but most certainly not least…

15. Dont worry about who doesn’t like you. Dont desire to be the person that everyone likes. ¬†A) It’s way too much work to maintain the illusion ¬†B) You’ll NEVER achieve it.

*Scroll through the list* SHEESH!!! I learned more outside the class room than in.

PS: 16. For those¬†collegiate kiddies¬†like myself, stop worrying about being broke. YOU WON’T have money in this stage of life. You can’t get a good job because you don’t have a degree yet. Stop killing yourself trying to save. Live within your means and enjoy your Ramen Noodle days, they wont last forever.