NSFW: World Erotic Art Museum

🚨 Disclaimer: Do not open this post at work, near children, or with your grandparents. There will be no believable way to explain this. You WILL look like a perv, please be advised! None of the photos or videos captured herein belong to me, and are the property of the World Erotic Art Museum!

According to Google…

W.E.A.M. ticks all those boxes. This lil South Beach gem is a socio-cultural powerhouse!💥 💪🏾 One afternoon there takes you on a trip through just a piece of the many erotic art movements.

The narrative note cards at the start of the path tell the story of pre-WW1 Germany in which peculiar patrons and well-to-do busy bodies were creating in their curios the foundlings of erotic art collections. Then there were bombs 💣 , and then there wasn’t a lot of free time 👩🏾‍🎨, and then basically everything was illegal🙅🏾‍♀️.

Practicality and nationalism ate up all the cool stuff. 😒

Fortunately, the museum’s founder was able to cobble together her collection through alleyway purchases in the seedy underbellies of antique stores and bizarres. With help and networking she continues to amass interesting and eye-opening pieces from all over the world.

There were informative installations from so many cultures throughout time. So many societies older than ours that held sex in different regards and explored it in so many different ways.

It was all treated with the weight and gravity of cultural arts. I really appreciated the time, effort, and message encapsulated in each scene: pleasure, dominance, submission, and closeness.

Sex is all around us. My “date” was so painfully awkward and uncomfortable with the same-sex depictions. “Why so many penises?” As if they’re not half of all genitalia!? But truthfully, why were the purses, handbags, and cigar containers depicted as vaginas, while the knife handles, and smoking pipes were penises? Also, why were the phallic symbols so frequently used by seemingly heterosexual males?

Plus! Josephine Baker! All-around Diva, powerhouse, subterfuge operative, and Black History obelisk!

What I learned:

1. Men the world over, despite culture and time, have grossly overestimated the sizes of their junks!

2. There is massive underrepresentation in the other kinds of sexual orientations.

3. It makes no sense to to create taboos around something so natural and ubiquitous. To do so makes it forbidden, and seemingly inaccessible, which in turn forces people to pursue it in dangerous and uninformed avenues.

4. We need to talk more openly and objectively about sex.

5. Porn cannot be your introduction to sex!

6. Dudes are nasty.

7. Why was the woman of color the one in the cage?

8. Didn’t that orange painting give you Rihanna vibes?

9. If you’re gonna place a giant penis near the exit, Roze is gonna climb it!

If you’re ever on South Beach, look up the World Erotic Art Museum. The exhibits change frequently, and it’ll spark one hell of a conversation. It’s a great first date to break the ice, and cut straight to the questions you want to ask.

It’s an inexpensive and informative afternoon out of the sun in some tooth-chatteringly effective air conditioning. Maybe don’t bring your kids. Or your super-religious mom. Or do bring her. I don’t know y’all’s relationships. Maybe it’ll bring you two closer. 🤷🏾‍♀️

Learn, love, and be safe!

#TBT Art Basel 2017

Do you like traffic 🚘? Overpriced Drinks 🍸? Tourists 📸?

Constantly reminding you of how amazing it must be to live where you already live.

“There’s so much art and culture, you must really love it here! 😒🙄 I’d move in a second if I could!”

This year I focused on art: capturing, hearing, and tasting as much of is as I could!

Went to crazy galleries and triple booked myself so that I could see, experience, and do the most!

RIP 💀👻🧟‍♀️ to Flipagram! We hardly knew ye! 👼🏾⛅️✌🏾

Wanna know how you can be the best Basel Baby 🖼 👶🏾 possible?

No worries, I got you with this handy dandy notebook resource guide!

The next time you’re “at the bottom”, as we Miamians say (only Pitbull actually says this) , make sure to look for me. I’m probably somewhere standing WAY TOO CLOSE to a painting!

I’m creating beef with security guards to up my street cred!

Check out a previous year’s Art Basel exploits with my friend Crystal @cryscassidy on IG!

Art is for everyone! It should only be free! #freetheart #freetheartist #rozegoes

How To: Comic-con vs Carnival

Sometimes we have a hard time putting ourselves in the fancifully-decorated boots of others. That’ll make sense later.

We side-eye the traditions of other cultures and forget that essentially, we are all the same. We don our respective apparel, and forget that somewhere else, someone is preparing for a yearly shindig of their own. Mine is carnival. Caribbean carnival, and particularly the one that takes place here in sunny South Florida. My friends and I partake, and only now am I starting to see that niche events like these can be vastly different, yet surprisingly similar to the ones we know.

Whether its a comic-con, a music festival, or yearly cultural parade, the world’s cultures offer us a deep and wide variety of events that strike up the same euphoria, and take you away from your everyday mundane.

Tell me if the following sounds familiar:

  1. You wait for this event all year.
  2. Your circle of friends scrimp and save; eagerly squirrelling away your vacation days.
  3. You pledge, fail, and pledge again to build a body worthy of display.
  4. After much debate and deliberation you choose the perfect costume and accessories.
  5. Your plane lands, and after hours of revelry punctuated by minutes of sleep in your respective hotel rooms, the big day finally arrives.
  6. Thousands converge on Miami to hit the stage in celebration of a rich and long-standing culture

I’m talking about the one C-word that brings masqueraders from around the world. Comic-con! July 1 marked the beginning of a four-day convention taking place on South Beach.

See, that could have been spun either way! I think I want to give cosplay a try as well. It’s not just for Caribbeans, or for nerds. They can be experienced by anyone who wants to be taken away for a weekend. Whether its vibes or merch you want. If soca or anime gives you powers, give the other a try!

Allow me to provide you a bridge the divide for you. Caribs, here is a wonderful Trinidadian cosplayer that has been taking the scene by STORM!

Panterona Cosplay

She makes her own costumes, and is shattering stereotypes left and right. Check her out!

And cosplayers, you can celebrate our rich combined heritages with us, while showing off your Marvel side with  Jamborii Mas Band that is featuring a superhero theme this year!

Check out globalcarnivalist.com for tips, guides, and calendars to playing mas the world over from an experienced feteran!

Whatever you do, try to see the oneness you share with everyone else because before you know it, the tabanca sets in and it’s time to start all over again!

Roze Goes…. to a happy place! I love carnival!

26 days till Miami Carnival 2018!

Art Basel Miami 2015

I’m no hypebeast. I don’t mind being terribly behind on trends. I don’t need up-to-the-minute updates. I like to think that I could live off the grid if necessary. I’m the type of person that likes to wait for the hype to settle, like dust after a storm. I don’t want other people’s opinions to spoil experiences for me. I haven’t seen a single episode of Game of Thrones, and I don’t care! Yeah, I’m THAT person. I CAN wait to vet all your movie and music suggestions and be 3-4 years behind, 3-4 years from now.

In the spirit of having just watched all the Harry Potter movies, I present to you my overview of Art Basel Miami 2015!

For an extended weekend (12/3 – 12/6) artists and observers flock the city of Miami to host and attend an array of art-focused events. The jewel of this weekend is the maze of instillations housed at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Millions of peices, prices, and people of interest get  together to sample the labor fruit salad of countless aspiring and established artists.

Thursday night I attended Swizz Beatz’s Casa Bacardi House Party. Each night featured a different lineup and I was fortunate enough to attend the opening night with Alicia Keys.It was SENSATIONAL! Hot – and unbeknownst to me outdoors – but sensational! I saw Saun Ross, Sevyn Streeter, Beyonce’s stylist Ty Hunter and Angela Simmons! I was at arms length but couldn’t manage to say anything. Poot.

Friday night I attended this…

 It too, was sensational. I love virtually any opportunity to enjoy the company of other carribeans. Put that with art and food trucks; it’s my idea of cultural overload! Wining. Wukkin’ up. Works of art. I bumped into a few friends and IG celebs. I MET ESTELLE!

Saturday was a mashup. I met up with friend and stylist Wise Kouture and took the convention center by force!She made a vlog!  Here’s the link! 

After that we went to the Yeelen Gallery for an event that showcased the works of black female artists and highlighted many of the socio-economic perils we face.

 I met Tico Armand (IG:@iamtico) a model, style icon, and just generally phenomenal black woman!

The weekend was moving. I felt so many feels.

I made a vid!

In parting I leave you with this… Free art!


Roze Goes (Née Nancy)

Footer new

BEYONDSLAY: Miami Got Into Formation


Strobing HEAVILY for Bey-bae! Highlighter on max, fro on lush.


I got to my seat WAY early and played chicken with the concession lines; debating with myself about whether or not Bey was worth missing or starving for. I starved, no question.

DJ Khaled, serial collaborator and Snap Chat Inspirational Speaker Inception-ed us by bringing out another unnamed DJ while he performed a slew of his favorite ad-libs and hype-man bits from singles spanning the 2000’s. He brought with him  a slew of artists that performed snippets and kept the crowd entertained.


2 Chainz (the artist formerly know as Tity Boi), Yo Gotti, Lil’ Wayne (surprisingly NOT dead), and even (Father Time) Trick Daddy dusted off his old bones and performed his verse from the ever-popular urban-affirmation hit “I’m So Hood!”


At the far end of the arena was the stage, and on it was a dimly lit giant white cube; an almost imperceptible seam running the length of it. Finally, the cube comes alive. Slowly, it begins to rotate and a fervor tears through the crowd. We’re all speculating.

 Will the cube open to reveal Queen Bee? Is she going to emerge from under the stage? What song will she perform first?

The show opens with the Superbowl 50 controversial single “Formation”. Bey comes out with her dancers serving us all-black corseted Zorro realness!

Beyoncé: “Ladies if you think you slay, say ‘I slay.’ ”                                                                                      

Me: “I slay!”                                                                                                                                                          

Beyoncé: “If you came out tonight to have a good time, say ‘I slay.’ ”                                                            

Me: “I slay!!!”                                                                                                                                                                  

Beyoncé: “If you work hard, pay your own bills, and don’t need nobody else, lemme hear you say I slay.’ ”                                                                                                                                                                              

Me: [screams] ” I SLAAAYYYY!!!” [vomits]

The whole concert was an artfully arranged mashup of some of her greatest songs. From tracks on the recently released Lemonade, all the way back to “Me, Myself, and I”. She worked in contemporary hits like O.T. Genasis’ song “Cut It” retooled with her classic hair-flipping, shoulder-bouncing choreography. She even paused briefly to turn the cube purple as fans sang along to “Purple Rain” in a touching tribute.

You can read all about the lineup and her several costume changes anywhere on the interweb. What you can’t find anywhere else is the renowned Roze Goes significance.


I left the concert reinvigorated. I was entertained and inspired by a black woman who is beautiful inside and out. I learned, and was reminded of, a few things:

  1. Everyone and anyone can slay, no matter your circumstance!
  2. Black women are what dreams are made of! The actresses, dancers, musicians, songwriters, choreographers, stylists and all others involved with this behemoth of a project. All invaluable. All purposed.
  3. I gotta get fit! That woman danced for HOURS, and didn’t once sound tired. Her thighs were immaculate!
  4. Issues, real life issues visit everyone. No one is safe, and not even money can insulate you from everything. Your life is just as important, and your problems just as real. You have the same 24 hours as Bey and can do with them whatever you wish.
  5. Use your gifts. Beyoncé put money in the pockets of all the professionals in the stadium that evening. There is no reason why you shouldn’t do what you can, and use what you can to be as fulfilled as possible.
  6. Blackness is performed however you want. She’s been catching so much flack for using profanity, expressing social justice themes, and shedding a light on a culture that she had always been a part of, but somewhat removed from. She is (and we are) collard greens, neckbones, negro, creole, conservative, or whatever have you.


Here’s what else you can’t get just anywhere. My fellow blogger Wise Kouture’s Formation Inspired look book.

She doesn’t know it yet, but she’ll be helping me put together my Birthday/Halloween Costume… {coughs Beyoncé!}

And finally, the thing that I think brought you all here…


As always, kiss you mom for me. Today’s my Mom’s birthday! Love you, Betty!

Roze Goes

The Upside(s) of Unemployment

Never in six million light years did I think this day would come. But alas, at the end of every tunnel is … no more tunnel. Here I am, about to end my jobless dry-spell and I almost wish it wasn’t over. Let me set the scene…

For the last few months I’ve been couch surfing with a friend. Thankfully my friend was insightful enough to realize I was in an terrible interesting traditional period and sorta saved me from packing it in and going home. Otherwise, I’m sure I would have given in, gotten an in-the-meantime job in retail, and by Black Friday be ready to eat my own fingers. On this couch I have cried in despair, screamed in anger, and spent (almost) every day trying to ready myself for whatever opportunity would arise. I’ve been given so much time to think; about my goals, my flaws, my drive, and my decisions thus far. I wanna get deep into analyzing the psychosis of unemployment, but I’ll save that for a separate series.

The Upsides

  1. Low-cost Fun. When your are “in between paychecks”, or as it is colloquially known, broke AF, you come to learn some really great ways to have fun on a budget. Whether it’s taking advantage of deals (on sites like Living Social or Groupon), eating BEFORE you have lunch with a friend, or restricting your travel to non-rush hour times to cut your Lyft/Uber costs (which in Miami is NEVER) you learn to pinch a penny… TIGHT! My personal favorite and most effective means of saving money has been to stay my ass at home!
    My mantra…
  2. Eating Healthy/Working Out. Honestly it’s perfect without the distractions of fast-food restaurants or being too tired from work. You can really focus on meal planning, maintaining a food journal (or use MyFitnessPal like me), taking regular walks, becoming a yoga master, and staring in the mirror until you hate your stupid unemployed face {said with glassy-eyes while smiling on only one side}.
  3. Reconnecting with Friends and Family. Having zero things to do really frees you up to talk to old friends and text all your extended family members; even your parents’ coworkers that you call aunt/uncle. WhatsApp has never gotten this much play from me before; I’m texting all my Canadian cousins! I really have taken this time to talk more often with my mom… its been a blessing and a curse. The other day she called to remind me that “…It’s almost December and you’re nearly 30, you need to get a job!” I know Mom, I know. {bleeds from eyes}
    You can’t explain this to a Jamaican parent… AT ALL!
  4. Building on Your Professionalism and Career Development. This has been the bulk of the work I’ve been doing, just in case someone does give me one of those elusive jobs.
  • Perfecting My Resume/Cover Letter. There are a bazillion resources online listing tips and tricks to get employer’s attention and how to format your resume/cover letter — I have read them ALL. Particularly, I was referred to The Muse, a career advice GODSEND! It addresses so many of the recent-grad questions and puts experts in touch with novices. It’s the Pinterest of job-stuff, sweater Gawd!
  • Engaging With Your Network. If you’ve held down a job or gone to school, or basically know any other humans, you have a professional network. It’s important to utilize those people when you’re seeking employment to changing career field. You never know who you know… and more importantly, who they know. That sounded snazzy, right? That’s just fancy-talk for “Ask everyone you meet, ‘Is y’all hiring!?‘”
  • Eliminating Procrastination. This one is a no-brainer. We’ve all been there, prioritizing  a series of completely unnecessary tasks in order to avoid what really needs doing. However, when you have LITERALLY NOTHING to do with your existence, it’s impossible to procrastinate. I’ve never been so productive! My mind is free from deadlines, restrictive authority figures, and pesky paychecks.
  • Getting in Touch With My Passions. Right about here is where I’ve been lately. Trying to figure out what my motivations are; my talents, my strengths. I’ve gotten really good picking things up with my feet and  binge watching shows in Netflix.
  • What used to make me happy, and more importantly, can I make money doing those things? The Muse kinda helps with that too. 

While working on developing these things I put together a couple of habits and resources to get me through. I STAY reading, as a distraction, and to keep my mind from rusting over.    Currently reading…

There’s hope for the other employment-impaired souls.

I journal my thoughts and feelings regularly, and started what I’ve called a “Success Journal”; a log of my ideas, lessons I’ve gathered, goals, and general plans for the future. It’s also where I outline new cover letters and keep track of applications. I super suggest you adopt this, but it can’t be like undergrad. You can’t take the notes and not review them. You gotta refresh and reconnect with your ambitions.


And that’s how I did it. Survived unemployment with humor (although very dark at times), focus, and the support of friends and family. I’m really grateful to have you all.

In refocusing on my passions, I want to change up the blog. As you can see the appearance has changed, but I’m still looking for my style. I’m thinking a new domain name and maybe a new pen name. I wont always be negative, you know. What are your thoughts?

In parting I leave you with this,

I really do.




Check out a similar article at Elle Magazine!





Non-complacent, Nancy




Fresh Haircut! #2012Leggo

A New Year means new hair, so this afternoon in Miami I set off to the barbershop. After waiting for around half an hour, battling staring patrons and barbers, I was finally called. Half an hour later the mimi-fro is gone and my scalp doeth heartily rejoice. Also I think the creepy quiet dude that cut my hair was hitting on me. Why did he need to know if I had kids? Then, after inquiring about my invisible boyfriend, he asked if we could be friends…. ummm is HELL NO an option?

PS: if I dated a barber this would be so much easier… but not him, he was like 38.

Zombism: A Threat Undetected

As you read this, millions are at risk but are blissfully unaware. As you read these lines those millions are preoccupied with their YouTube and Facebook accounts; with their sensationalized newspaper headlines and they are content with their bustling and for the time-being satisfying lives. Each of them is only acutely aware of an indescribable danger. We feel it when we turn on the news and see ravaged people in other countries suffering other fates, from other diseases; but not here, and not us. Not in our hometowns and not to our neighbors. We have institutes and precautionary systems with haughty acronyms and emergency alarms so we need not worry. However, a threat waits on the vanguard of disaster, one for which we have no plans, no precautions. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) should include in its archives the danger that an outbreak of Zombism (the condition of being a zombie) would pose and take measures to protect United States Citizens if ever reanimated corpses infected with a flesh-eating, mind-controlling virus were to rise up against us.

First we must inquire as to why the CDC would be the best organization for such an undertaking and not a faction of the armed forces. Zombism is most like a bio-terror threat and hails from a viral or bacterial origin. These types of dealings are well within the realm of knowledge of the CDC and the mechanics of an army of the undead, more correctly known as “life-impaired” (Maynard), would best be addressed through this healthcare perspective.

Currently, the CDC provides information about diseases, epidemics, and pandemics (Office) and classifies the level of danger for each outbreak of a threatening disease. The CDC also presents information about the symptoms, cause, and preventions of ailments and even steps in to quell incidents of disease too severe to be handled by simple individuals or area hospitals. In the tomes collected by the CDC chronicling a cornucopia of diseases, not one mention is made of the threat of Zombism (I should know, I checked. The only “Z” word is Zosters).

Although the CDC is one of the most reputable and efficient glossaries providing information on everything from “African Trypanosomiasis” to “Zosters” (Office), it fails to protect us from one of the most fabled threats featured in Science Fiction the world over. Although out breaks of Zombism have been vastly unreported it is hardly impossible to think

that a combination of ailments under the right conditions could bring to life the utmost of horrors. The CDC could at least step in and rate this as a plausible threat so that observers can be made wary and prepare. In the case of the swine flu (also known as the H1N1 Virus), the CDC previously gave it a Phase 6 rating meaning that it was on its way to becoming a global pandemic (Division) and interceded with measures of quarantine and testing as well as international travel restriction. Why couldn’t such a step be taken in the way of the Zombie threat?

You may be thinking to yourself, “Well how can I spot and/or prepare for a Zombie epidemic?” and “What if a legion of the Life-Impaired are already noshing on my skull cleft open like a hard-boiled egg?” For the latter I have absolutely no advice. For the former, however I urge you to research the symptoms and precursors. Here is a brief overview: First there must be the initial death necessary for the epidemic to ensue. There must be one or more unusually gruesome casualties (Maynard). These newly dead will serve as the drones. We may look toward a bacteria that already exists and causes the death of many in a seemingly pre zombie manner. This bacterium is known as Necrotizing Fasciitis, also known as the “Flesh-Eating Disease” (Vorvick). Perhaps somehow the bacterium has the potential to become mobile by using the body of a host to consume the flesh of others. My theory is somewhat vague in its explanation for the reanimation process but there will be no need for explanation when the life-impaired (Maynard) individuals are walking the streets. There will also need to be the defenseless or isolated living inhabiting a post-war or post disease world for zombies to attack and obtain fresh flesh from.

Fear not. Well, fear less, because there are measures that we can take. There is a buzz amongst some that prompts them to be prepared for all sorts of disaster-related, apocalyptic, instances. These overly cautious, paranoid, shut-ins believe that “Disaster[s] [are] going to happen … and …will strike without warning” (Preparedness) and have put together kits for surviving a wealth of circumstances along with instructional videos and books. In these kits you can find rations for food and water as well as batteries and impromptu shelter (Preparedness). As a personal addition, I feel that hand washing can be a simple but efficacious weapon against impending doom of all shapes and sizes. Proper and frequent hand washing impedes the motility of microbes than can be transmitted through mucus membranes and into the body (Staff, Mayo). There they may result in a cold, flu, or a bloodthirsty, drooling agent of the damned. If nothing else, it makes your hands smell nice. Who wouldn’t enjoy a pleasantly fragrant hand?

To conclude, the threat is indeed somewhat real. Zombism, although a stretch, could be a viable danger to the world as we know it. As it stands, we have no established protection from such a hazard and would be left entirely dumfounded in the face of a mobilized unprecedented evil. The dead should stay that way and no amount of “Quality-of-life” arguments could change my mind. The CDC needs to take responsibility for its constituents and provide in its database public information about the symptoms, causes, and preventative measures entailed with zombism.