Encourage YOURSELF — The Wize Pig

We all have moments where we feel absolutely defeated. Those moments where we feel like a complete failure, or we just want to give up. Those are the moments where you have to search within yourself the will to continue. You have to encourage YOURSELF. Support from an outside source is nice and at times... Continue Reading →

The Upside(s) of Unemployment

Never in six million light years did I think this day would come. But alas, at the end of every tunnel is ... no more tunnel. Here I am, about to end my jobless dry-spell and I almost wish it wasn't over. Let me set the scene... For the last few months I've been couch... Continue Reading →

Fall Cleaning

It's that time of year again, when students like myself stuff their lives into garbage bags while toting unwieldy miniature refrigerators. Ladies and gentlemen it is MOVING SEASON! Far, far away in a land called Undergrad, sweaty, red-faced boys and girls whose leases have expired are preparing for the onset of the upcoming academic year.... Continue Reading →

I am not unhappy. Moderately depressed from time to time, yes, but not UNhappy. I don't shun smiles or darken my windows with black velvet curtains while considering tattooing on my eyeliner (although that would save me time). I just refuse to lie. There's nothing wrong with being unhappy, so turn your smile upside down if that's what you... Continue Reading →

Hi … My Name is Nancy.

Negative, Nancy (In my best Sean Connery voice). All throughout middle and high school, people called me Daria. It would be years before I properly understood the reference. And yes. I am very much like her, olive-green jacket, army boots and all. By the way this is an absolutely thrilling show about the travails of a young woman finding herself in the midst of consumerism, ... Continue Reading →

Welcome Back Kotter!

I'M BACK!!!!! So here's a quick update... 1. I've missed you guise!! So busy with school which started a day late to "hurricane" Isaac. Down here we take hurricanes, and subsequently hurricane days, very seriously! We missed a whole day of school and since then, the academic year is has been going by Usain Bolt... Continue Reading →

Good Morning!

I do some of my foggiest thinking this time of day. Still trying to shake off the remnants of sleep lurking in my periphery. Fiercely clinging to the whimsy of dreams I only half remember. Today I am catapulted into positivity by an otherwise unrecognizable well-rested and well-read Roze. John Legend can say it better than I. On the flip-side,... Continue Reading →

Super Sigh…

You guys, I'm feeling BRIGHT gray right about now... This is terrible... I don't wanna do anything! help me out, gimme some words of wisdom... set a fire under my bum! I'm in a rut!

What if the story had gone differently? What if it were "The Little Engine That Didn't Give a $#!%", or "The Little Engine That Didn't Believe in Going Above and Beyond"? Would we still read it to our youngsters? Would it still be the motivational tale of a caboose that was last but most certainly not... Continue Reading →

Ice Cream and Confuscious Say

 Today in Wal-Mart while staring at miniature cups of ice cream I arrived at a few conclusions...  January is coming to a close, and I'm already SEVERELY slacking on my "resolutions". Resolution #1: Don't make resolutions. Change today, and don't taint your goals with commercial commitment ... yeah, right.  I succumbed to all the usual ones; weight loss, grades, better job, as well... Continue Reading →

Am I Suffering From Life-lag?

I'm having a hard time adjusting to fame... no wait, school (I'm sorry, I thought I was Drake again). The semester has started but I'm in a fog. I haven't started studying or working on my extracurricular activities. None of it seems real. I feel like the cloudy part of the Claritin-D commercial.  No over-the-counter antihistamine can help me. I NEED a swift kick in the... Continue Reading →

(W)here’s (T)he (F)rosting?

I'm getting sick and tired of beind sick and tired of my gotdang self. Like so many panes of colored glass yet unpolished; so incredibly opaque that my window is unintelligible. How could anyone appreciate me when I can't even see the beauty in myself....yet. I'm so rough, so unfinished, so lackluster. I'm so unspeakably... Continue Reading →

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