While You Were Out…

I'm like a baby. Well, more like a peek-a-boo enthusiast. Once I put my hands over my eyes, the universe implodes into an unfathomable white hole. At least that's what I think happens when I neglect to post for a while. I'm sure that's not the case at all. Your lives probably continue; reluctantly checking your emails, being scolded at Starbucks when you call a... Continue Reading →

Common Came to OUR School!

He was so fresh and so wise and so personable. His sweater fit his biceps so right. His voice was so soulful and smokey. He carried himself with the pent-up wisdom of Maya Angelou. He spoke of passions, of perseverance; adversity and success. He stirred us to move and urged us to pray. Intermittantly he... Continue Reading →

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