2019: Year of Compatibility

I had to tough it out. Find stores of resilience in myself because no matter how inconvenient and painful, ultimately not one in that series of unfortunate events, would kill me. There's something both empowering and disheartening in knowing that you can survive more

A Week Without Netflix

Urban Dictionary defines "fasting" as the following: Fasting (v.) - A cleaning way of de-toxing your body of unwanted stuff. I need to detox. Clear out my Star Trek cache and sweat out a lot of backed up episodes of U.K. crime shows. Gotta get ot the unhealthy stuff... at least Monday - Thursday.

Self-Care Sunday: SMonday

Self-care is more than just yoga, and journaling. It's setting yourself up for success. And that's really what it means to care for yourself. Little deliberate steps curate your experience and live as richly (whatever your means) as possible.

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