TV Bae: Shonda Rhimes/Year of No

She’s old, and likes to lie. But in reading her humorous and heartfelt journey to self-fulfillment, I was inspired and reassured. If Shonda Rhimes, the inventor of Thursday nights can struggle and shine, so can I.

A Week Without Netflix

Urban Dictionary defines "fasting" as the following: Fasting (v.) - A cleaning way of de-toxing your body of unwanted stuff. I need to detox. Clear out my Star Trek cache and sweat out a lot of backed up episodes of U.K. crime shows. Gotta get ot the unhealthy stuff... at least Monday - Thursday.

Hi … My Name is Nancy.

Negative, Nancy (In my best Sean Connery voice). All throughout middle and high school, people called me Daria. It would be years before I properly understood the reference. And yes. I am very much like her, olive-green jacket, army boots and all. By the way this is an absolutely thrilling show about the travails of a young woman finding herself in the midst of consumerism, ... Continue Reading →

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