Black Music Month!

This month will be a month-long list of songs and artists that mean something to me. Epitomizing black music and Black Music Month for Madam Rozé.

Music Monday Vol. 4

Check in every other Monday. I wanna share some not-so-mainstream ear food with you and your soul. Let's go on an ear safari!

Art Basel Miami 2015

Art is thought made tangible. For a special weekend, posers, artists, consumers, buyers, and admirers descend on Miami’s art scene. Exhibits, instillations, and performances abound!

Music Monday Vol. 2

Sharing and exploring music is intimate, so this is a smedium deal for me. I've been othered and called weird for liking "white people music" for so long that it takes effort to really enjoy and align myself with the values represented in mainstream music. I take suggestions from people whose interests and lifestyles resonate with me.

Ambition – Wale ft. Rick Ross and Meek Mill You ever wake up feeling like a drug dealer? No? OK  maybe that's just me. My morning yoga and yogurt has me feeling thuggish AF for some reason. Early start to this day. Been turning over some things in my mind, determined to change. "Only hope I had was selling dope!" ... They gon' love... Continue Reading →

Miscellaneous Check-In

These last few days have been full of quirk and flashbacks, old habits and even older favorite songs. 1. .... popped up randomly on Pandora. 2. ... a friend typed the lyrics on Twitter and it's been in my head all day. 3. ... if I could have been old enough in the 90s, me and my Timberland-wearing boyfriend would have... Continue Reading →

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