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How To: Comic-con vs Carnival

We side-eye the traditions of other cultures and forget that essentially, we are all the same. We don our respective apparel, and forget that somewhere else, someone is preparing for a yearly shindig of their own. Mine is carnival.

What does it mean to be a lady? A single lady? A single black lady... with cats? How come cat ladies are never black? Why donโ€™t black cat ladies (not a references to Halle Berryโ€™s TURRIBLE rendition) have more representation in media!?

What comes to mind when you think of custom printed invitations, hand-crafted memorabilia , and beautifully decorated venues? Well, after you read this, it should be a dedicated young black woman working steadfastly to make your moments exquisite! Celebrate Simply does just that!

When youโ€™re a baby, no one shames you for not speaking English. Or any language besides cooing and burbling. {Actually no one should shame anyone for not speaking English, but thatโ€™s neither here not there! Heck you, xenophobes!} So why is it that once you you pass through the invisible doorway to presumed adulthood, are we suddenly expected to know everything!

Actor Bae: A Sip With Sexy

Quickly becoming a household name, this fresh and fine-faced young man poured from his heart and his cup. An evening with Issa Rae and Kofi Siriboe!

Black Music Month!

This month will be a month-long list of songs and artists that mean something to me. Epitomizing black music and Black Music Month for Madam Rozรฉ.

FebYOUary Lesson #2: Don’t Hide!

Here goes something new. I'll admit I was a little uncomfortable reacquainting myself with a camera. Knowing it would capture my new adult body a little less forgivingly. Knowing that I'm still writing and rewriting my definition of sexy on an etch-a-sketch. Heck it!

20-Something: Young Adults Seem Stuck

Iโ€™ve got a bad case of the twenty-somethings. Specifically the late twenties. Thereโ€™s fire burning under my butt ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ‘, yet itโ€™s too hot to feel. This book called out to me. Maybe Robin Marantz Henig has the answers. Maybe no one does. Read more...

Music Monday Vol. 5: Ultimate Rejects

On the cusp of this genre, solidifying it's fan base with each new hit, are the Ultimate Rejects. Their hit "Full Extreme", and the tens of subsequent road-mixes, won over the 2017 Carnival season.

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